You Don’t Need a Subscription: Free Video Saving from Your Ring Doorbell

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You Don't Need a Subscription: Free Video Saving from Your Ring Doorbell
You Don’t Need a Subscription: Free Video Saving from Your Ring Doorbell

Smart doorbells have transformed smart home security as technology becomes more accessible to all of us. These increasingly popular devices function by enabling you to watch who rings your doorbell from your smartphone.

Ring is one of the finest and most popular smart doorbell brands, featuring high-quality video cameras and other functions. They have a recording option, which may be somewhat expensive according to the company’s subscription business.

Fortunately, there are many solutions, and we’ll show you how to preserve your Ring doorbell footage without a membership in this article.

How Does a Ring Smart Doorbell Work?

The mechanism of smart doorbells is straightforward. When someone approaches your door, the smart doorbell detects the motion and sends an alert to your smartphone, informing you of the visitor.

By keeping an eye on the movement of your door, you will never miss who may come in. If someone rings the doorbell, you can look via the camera and even communicate with them through your smartphone.

A Ring Video Doorbell can be installed in minutes and is incredibly easy to use once it’s up and running.

Does Ring Doorbells Record Video?

As part of the service, you may pay for a Ring Doorbell subscription that will record every time a noteworthy event occurs, such as when the doorbell senses movement or someone rings it.

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While the entire service may be costly, there are methods to receive the complete ring doorbell without a membership. You don’t have to pay for it since there are methods for getting a free recording from a Ring doorbell.

How to Save Ring Doorbell Videos Without a Subscription

Fortunately, there are many options for saving video from your Ring doorbell without a membership. We’ll go through three of them here. So, how about we have a look?

1. Use the 30-Day Free Trial

Even though this choice seems clear, it is crucial to bear in mind. The rationale for this is because 30 days will allow you plenty of time to decide if you want to spend the time (or money) in recording everyone who strikes your bell.

You may discover that you live in a relatively secure area or that no one rings your doorbell unless you plan visits or the mailman.

2. Use Your Phone’s Built-In Screen-Recording

Modern smartphones, as well as newer Samsung phones and tablets, offer a screen recording capability. So, the next time Ring Video Doorbell gives you an alert, you may start a screen recording.

If you observe a stranger or a frightening character ringing your door and wish to check them out later or send the tape to the authorities, you may do so. The one disadvantage of this strategy is that, although it is absolutely free, it will only function if you notice the warning.

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Furthermore, if your phone is in airplane mode, you will not be able to save it since you will not get the warning in the first place.

3. Record It for Free on Your Laptop or Desktop

Using this strategy, you will be able to record everything without having to ensure that you get all of the notifications on your phone. All you need to do is install a free screen-recording software on your PC and log in to Ring’s official website.

View the camera’s live feed after you’ve signed in. Begin recording the screen and continuing about your business. Some software, believe it or not, provides 24/7 recording services as long as you have enough disk space.

Naturally, going through the full broadcast once you get home will be tiresome, and the recording will take up a lot of space. So, check your smartphone updates and go to specified periods throughout the day when you get notifications. After that, you may remove the screen recording and resume the following day or night.

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This may be time-consuming and even tiresome, but it is worthwhile if you are concerned about security and do not have the cash to pay for a membership. You may also use this strategy if you’re going away for the weekend and won’t have internet connection; just make sure you have adequate storage space.

Find the Best Way to Save Your Ring Doorbell Videos

If you have strangers come to your door on occasion, you no longer need to pay for the monthly service now that you know how to preserve Ring doorbell footage without a subscription. Now, if you have a genuine security concern, it is worthwhile to consider paying for the entire service; if you are hesitant, try one of the three options listed above and see how you feel.

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