Why is YouTube pausing videos? (and How to Fix It)

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Why is YouTube pausing videos? (and How to Fix It)
Why is YouTube pausing videos? (and How to Fix It)

YouTube is the primary source of entertainment for many individuals. With millions of YouTube channels to choose from, it doesn’t take long to discover anything worth binge-watching.

However, if YouTube continues to pause the videos, it may spoil the experience. So, what causes YouTube to halt videos, and how can you repair it?

1. You Have Poor Internet Connection

If you find YouTube videos halt often or the site is sluggish to load, you may have a poor internet connection. Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies you may do to boost your connection.

  • Unnecessary applications should be closed. Your connection may be sluggish because several applications are using up bandwidth. Close any apps that you no longer need.
  • Bring yourself closer to your router. The Wi-Fi connection weakens as you travel away from the router. Also, keep in mind that 2.4GHz has a greater range, but 5GHz has a higher speed. If you’re near to your router, you may switch from 2.4 GHz to 5GHz to view YouTube videos uninterrupted.
  • Start your router again. When you restart your router, it clears its short-term memory (or cache), which improves overall speed. When your router reboots, it will also choose the least busy channel, offering a better connection to the connected devices.
  • Make use of a Wi-Fi extender. If you can’t relocate your devices closer to the router or run an Ethernet cable across your home, a Wi-Fi extender will expand your network’s coverage area.

2. Your Headphones Keep Disconnecting

If you’re viewing YouTube on a mobile device and your headphones fall out, YouTube will stop the video. If the plug on your headphones or the phone’s port is damaged, or if your Bluetooth headphones do not have adequate power, they will continue to disconnect. Instead of searching for the spot where your headphones function, replace them or take your phone to an authorized facility to have the port checked.

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There might be various reasons why your Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting, causing YouTube to halt.

If you haven’t updated the YouTube app in a while, you’ll encounter a slew of issues, including YouTube stopping videos on its own.

  • Bring your gadget closer to you. Most Bluetooth headsets have a 20 to 30 foot range. Your headphones will disconnect if you are too far away from your computer or phone. Moving closer should solve the issue.
  • Plug in your headphones. When your headphones’ battery is low, they struggle to maintain a solid connection. To avoid this occurring again, choose Bluetooth earphones with a long battery life.
  • Remove your headphones. Turning off and on your Bluetooth connection may help resolve any troubles you’re experiencing.

3. You Need to Update the YouTube App

To resolve the issue, open the Play Store or App Store, search for YouTube, and then hit the Update option. You should be able to view YouTube without interruptions after the update is installed on your phone.

The YouTube app for Windows is the same way. You may update the app from its settings or via the Microsoft Store.

If you spend a lot of time viewing YouTube videos, you’re probably aware that it will halt after a while. While this may allow you to stretch your legs and rest your eyes, it might be unpleasant if YouTube takes too many breaks. Here’s how to solve it:

4. YouTube Is Set to Take a Break

You cannot avoid the commercials while viewing YouTube online. You may, however, view YouTube without interruptions by using a browser plugin such as AutoTube – YouTube nonstop.

  1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Profile symbol in the upper-right corner, then Settings.
  3. Head to General.
  4. Switch off Please remind me to take a break. You may also set a custom timeout for YouTube to cease playing.
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If YouTube video pauses aren’t the only issue you’re having when surfing, it’s possible that your browser is to blame. Most of the time, just upgrading your browser to the most recent version is sufficient to resolve the issue.

5. You’re Using a Malfunctioning Browser

If you’re still having problems after the update and want to binge-watch YouTube, use a different browser to avoid interrupting your enjoyment.

If you’ve installed a lot of extensions on your browser, it’s possible that one of them is causing your YouTube issue. You can, thankfully, quickly uninstall or deactivate your browser addons.

6. A Browser Extension Is Outdated or Corrupt

To resolve this, launch a new window in Incognito or Private mode. This will enable your browser to function without the need of any addons. If YouTube works normally, you should deactivate all extensions and re-enable them one at a time to pinpoint the problematic ones.

These problems are usually caused by extensions aimed to assist you regulate media content.

Your computer or phone saves cache data from every website you visit so that it can reopen the site faster the next time you visit it. If your browser accumulates too much cache data, it will degrade its performance. You can see if deleting the cache data in Chrome or your preferred browser solves the problem.

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7. You Need to Remove Cache Data

To watch YouTube on Android, go to your phone’s Settings menu and select Apps and notifications. Choose YouTube > Storage and then CLEAR CACHE.

This is a common issue in older smartphones with 16 or 32GB of storage. YouTube saves data on your phone as it preloads videos, allowing you to watch them uninterrupted.

8. Your Phone Ran Out of Storage

To resolve the issue, free up some storage space on your phone by uninstalling apps or deleting files. You should not, however, lose the memories you’ve saved on your phone just to watch YouTube. Instead, use one of the most secure cloud storage services to save your photos and videos.

As previously discussed, if YouTube keeps pausing videos, you may be experiencing a problem with your internet connection. If the problem persists, try a different browser, a different headphone set, or keep YouTube playing without pausing.

Watch YouTube Without Interruptions

After you’ve resolved the issue, you could use an ad blocker to avoid those annoying ads while watching YouTube.

Now that you’ve fixed the problem, you could try an ad blocker to get rid of those annoying ads while watching YouTube.

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