Viewing Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

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Viewing Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android
Viewing Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Do you want to know how to see a Wi-Fi password on Android? Perhaps you are connected to a network for which you have forgotten the password, or you want to verify the password for a friend’s network in order to connect another device to it.

Whatever the cause, we’ll teach you how to locate stored Wi-Fi passwords on Android using a variety of techniques.

These only show you the password for networks you’ve already connected to. You can’t use them to get the Wi-Fi password for a network you’ve never joined; instead, you’ll need to contact the network’s administrator for the password.

You should never reveal the password for a network managed by someone else unless you have their consent.

How to See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android Without Root

Without a rooted device, you may access Wi-Fi passwords for your stored networks on Android 10 and later. Let’s look at how to achieve this on a Pixel smartphone with stock Android 12—the method may alter somewhat based on your phone and Android version.

Open Settings and go to Network & internet to see a Wi-Fi password on Android 10 or later. Tap Wi-Fi on Android 10 or 11. On Android 12, you must instead pick Internet.

Your current Wi-Fi network will then appear at the top of the list. Select it to see network configuration options. If you’re not connected to the correct network, choose another from the list; look for the Saved networks item at the bottom of the page to quickly retrieve previous connections.

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Select the Share button from the Wi-Fi network’s overview page. To continue, you must either authenticate your face/fingerprint or enter your PIN number. When you do, your network’s Wi-Fi password will appear underneath a QR code.

You now have access to your network’s Wi-Fi password and may share it with others or input it on a different device.

The QR code shown on this page simplifies the procedure even more by allowing another device to join the network without having to manually input the password. This improves network security by hiding the real password and avoids the irritation of inputting the password wrong.

If you share the password with another Android device, that device may quickly scan and join by tapping the QR Code symbol next to Add network (below the list of Wi-Fi networks). If the other person has an iPhone, have them scan the code using the Camera app before tapping the Join button. If you’re having problems, see how to read QR codes on Android and iPhone.

Beginning with Android 12, you’ll also see a Nearby option that allows you to share the password with other Android devices nearby. This makes advantage of the Nearby Share capability and eliminates the need to scan the QR code from your device’s screen.

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You may wish to capture the QR code so you can email it to others without having to go through the aforementioned choices every time. Keep in mind that anybody with that code may connect to your Wi-Fi network, so keep that image protected.

How to See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 9 and Older

If you’re on Android 9 or older, or if your phone doesn’t have the above option, you’ll need to go elsewhere to get your Wi-Fi password. Unfortunately, all of these techniques need a rooted Android smartphone.

This is due to the fact that the file containing the Wi-Fi credentials for stored networks is located in a secure directory of your phone’s storage. Unless you are rooted, you do not have authorization to see the folder or the file inside it.

If you have a rooted device and wish to access your Wi-Fi password on Android, use a file explorer tool that allows root browsing to go to /data/misc/wifi. When you open wpa supplicant.conf, you should see your network name (ssid) and password (psk).

If this approach fails or you want to try another, you may use an Android Wi-Fi password reader app like WiFi Password Viewer. These allow you to see the password for a stored network by selecting it.

They need root and have had varied reviews, so your results may vary. There isn’t much this program can do if your phone encrypts the file holding Wi-Fi credentials. These are the two primary techniques for seeing stored Wi-Fi passwords on Android. If you aren’t rooted and are using Android 9 or older, you should verify the Wi-Fi password on a desktop computer instead. These make things a lot easier—for more information, read how to locate Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10 or how to see Wi-Fi passwords on a Mac.

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View Wi-Fi Passwords on Another Device

Consider utilizing a password manager in the future so you have your own record of key Wi-Fi passwords and don’t have to rely on these workaround techniques. You should also make certain that your personal Wi-Fi network is secure.

In the future, consider using a password manager so you have your own record of important Wi-Fi passwords and don’t need to use these workaround methods. You should also make sure your own Wi-Fi network is protected against attack.

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