The 5 Best Free Sites for Converting Your Images Into Paint-by-Number Templates

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The 5 Best Free Sites for Converting Your Images Into Paint-by-Number Templates
The 5 Best Free Sites for Converting Your Images Into Paint-by-Number Templates

If you’re like many artists today, you can probably trace your passion for the arts back to your childhood coloring books. Paint-by-number templates are another excellent way for beginners to get started in the arts.

As an artist or art business, one way to leave a lasting legacy is to transform your photos into paint-by-number templates so that others may learn how to be painters and better understand all the time and effort artists put into their trade.

This post will teach you about five of the greatest free websites for converting your photographs into paint-by-number templates.

PBNify is a popular paint-by-number generator that lets you effortlessly upload, trace, and convert your artwork into a paint-by-number template.

PBNify also provides a link to a firm that can transform your paint-by-number template into a complete kit complete with a canvas and colors. As a result, here’s how to PBNify your photos.

  1. Upload your picture using the Browse button or by dragging and dropping.
  2. To create your own color palette, click all of the image’s main points. The less complicated the picture, the better. Now, click PBNify and wait for your picture to be processed.
  3. To view the output, click Outline, then Save.
  4. Print both the outline and the palette before coloring or painting.
  5. Click on Save palette.
  6. Select Create Paint by Numbers from the menu.

Keep in mind that the photographs you post are just loaded into your browser and are never stored on a server. PBNify is now available for Android devices. This should be at the top of your list of drawing and painting applications.

Mimi Panda is another another amazing paint-by-number program that lets you build colored templates. Mimi Panda supports PNG and JPG files as long as they are less than 10MB in size.

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You may make as many paint-by-number templates as you wish, but each upload may take up to two minutes to complete depending on the intricacy of the picture. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. To load your picture, click the Upload file here option. The picture will be automatically numbered, and the relevant palette will be shown in the Image Colors section, directly underneath the image.
  2. Now, at the top, click the Paint by Numbers download button, or scroll down and click the Image Schema download option.
  3. By clicking on the relevant option, you may also print the Paint by Numbers or the Image Schema.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and choose Choose File. If you wish to further tailor your output, click Options.

That is how simple it is to make a paint-by-numbers template using Mimi Panda. However, keep an eye out for obnoxious and invasive adverts scattered around the website.

Another service that enables you to build bespoke paint-by-number templates from your photographs and graphics is Paint by Numbers. However, the site primarily serves people of the United States.

If you lack the time or resources to build paint-by-number templates in Photoshop, Paint by Numbers’ built-in paint-by-number generator will come in handy. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Click on Create Your Own.
  2. When finished, go back to Input, choose Process Image, and wait for it to process.
  3. When finished, you’ll see the created picture as well as the color palette. Select Download.
  4. The left download button downloads an SVG file, the center download button downloads a PNG file, and the right download button downloads the palette in PNG format.
  5. Select your picture file and click Upload an image. Color-Dragon supports a variety of picture formats.
  6. If desired, change the color mode and parameters, then click Proceed and wait for your picture to process.
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You may now print your paint-by-number template or paint it digitally using image editing software. This is another option for introducing your children to digital art.

The Color-Dragon website has a simple and intuitive design that enables you to transform your photographs fast and simply into paint-by-number templates that you can download and use offline.

Your picture is just kept briefly on your browser, not on a server. When you download your paint-by-number sample, it is also removed. Here’s how to use Color-Dragon to make paint-by-number art.

  1. Click on Start now.
  2. On the Detail selection screen, use the forward and back arrows to pick the level of detail you wish to see, then choose your Output size. By default, this is set to A5. It is important to note that the more detailed the picture, the longer it will take to analyze and produce.
  3. Select Options to add any customizations. Return to the Input tab and click Process Image when finished.
  4. Once you’ve selected your chosen download method, you’re ready to print or paint your paint-by-number artwork.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. Click on Download.

Your paint-by-number template will be supplied as a PDF document with several degrees of detail. However, keep in mind that the PDF has a watermark. For a nominal amount, you may get the watermark-free picture, as well as colors, frames, and brushes.

You may also use GitHub to convert your photographs into paint-by-number templates for free. This paint-by-number generator serves as a demonstration site for the main GitHub project.

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Except for small modifications such as the appearance of the download button, the interface and technique closely resemble those of Paint by Number. Here’s how to utilize drake7707’s GitHub paint-by-number generator.

  1. Click on Choose File.
  2. Click on Options to add some customization if any.
  3. When done, return to the Input tab and click Process Image.
  4. Now, click on your preferred download option, and you’re ready to print or paint your paint-by-number artwork.

Painting by number makes art creation far more enjoyable, fascinating, and engaging. However, there are a few key considerations to remember. Your artwork, for example, will be as detailed as the colors you choose (your palette size).

The more intricate the artwork, the more actual colors are needed to duplicate it. If you merely plan to generate a digital reproduction of the original item, this is not a problem. Adequate lighting, strong contrast, and crisp photos all contribute to the overall quality of your product.

You don’t need to be an artist to utilize paint-by-number templates. In reality, they’re intended to give non-artists, dabblers, do-it-yourselfers, and everyday folks a taste of the arts.

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