Renaming a Bluetooth Device on Your iPhone

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Renaming a Bluetooth Device on Your iPhone
Renaming a Bluetooth Device on Your iPhone

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Your iPhone

Are you perplexed by all the Bluetooth gadgets linked to your iPhone? Learn how to change their names to keep your gadgets in order.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones that are connected to your iPhone often have generic names. It might be difficult to determine which name corresponds to which device, particularly when a big list of associated devices appears on your screen. There is, however, a fast cure for this.

You may rename any Bluetooth device linked to your iPhone to make it easier to recognize. All you need is a Bluetooth connection and a few minutes. Let’s go through the procedures you’ll need to do to rename a Bluetooth device on your iPhone.

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Rename a Bluetooth Device From the Settings

To alter the name of a Bluetooth device, first make sure your iPhone is linked to the device. You can’t rename a device that isn’t linked to your phone.

After connecting, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Bluetooth in Settings.
  2. Every gadget has an information icon next to its name (with the letter i). Tap on the renaming symbol for the connected device.
  3. Select Name.
  4. Enter the preferred name and return to the previous page to complete the procedure.

Apple customers regularly utilize this capability with AirPods in the loop to alter the names of the AirPods while numerous pairs are attached to their iPhones.

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Why Should You Change the Name of a Bluetooth Device?

Many of us have tried to connect to a Bluetooth device with an ambiguous name, only to have the connection fail. Occasionally, Bluetooth issues may be simply resolved by altering the name. Sometimes we’re just connecting to the incorrect one. Isn’t it quite amusing?

To state the obvious, renaming a Bluetooth device will assist in maintaining uniqueness, making identification simpler, decluttering your device list, and increasing efficiency.

Change the Name of Your Bluetooth Devices to Avoid Confusion

When you use Bluetooth to connect a device to your iPhone, rapidly change the name to prevent confusion in the future. This will have no effect on your connection in any other manner.

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You may change the name that other users see when connecting to your iPhone in addition to altering the name that you see on your device.

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