Persona 5 Royal part-time job, flower shop bouquet answers

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How to make the required bouquets for the flower shop

By engaging with the pamphlet stand in the Shibuya Underground Walkway in Persona 5 Royal, you may embark on numerous odd tasks for money and stats.

Many of these tasks have Mementos requests locked behind them, forcing you to finish the work at least twice before you can unlock the request, however some jobs also include minigames attached with them.

On busy days, working at the Triple Seven convenience store, flower shop, or beef bowl business has linked minigames that require you to remember orders. Both the beef bowl business and the convenience store will give you facts that you must learn and repeat back to them, so pay close attention.

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The flower store, on the other hand, provides bouquet combinations with predetermined replies, which we present below.


A consumer may request a particular arrangement at the flower store. In this situation, you must choose three flowers that meet the description provided by the purchaser. The following are the solutions:

  • Scarlet Rose, Gold Gerbera, and Care-nation are large, brilliantly colored blooms.
  • Justice Jasmine, Fluorescent Freesia, and Enamored Orchid are small, calm-colored blooms.
  • Scarlet Rose, Care-nation, and Gecko Orchid are examples of reddish blossoms.
  • Gold Gerbera, Venerable Chrysanthemum, Fluorescent Freesia are large blooms with minimal odor.
  • Gratitude for the benefactor: Sweetest of Peas, Rainbow Sage, Gecko Orchid
  • I’d want to communicate my feelings for the following flowers: Scarlet Rose, Stinking Olive, Care-nation, Justice Jasmine, and Enamored Orchid.
  • Scarlet Rose, Care-nation, Venerable Chrysanthemum, and Enamored Orchid are examples of flowers that compliment the 60th birthday celebration.
  • Flowers with strong scents and vibrant colors: Scarlet Rose, Sweetest of Peas, Stinking Olive
  • Gold Gerbera, Rainbow Sage, and Delightful Lily were used at a birthday party for a friend’s kid.
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With the aid of the Megami Tensei Wiki, we were able to validate the aforementioned answers.

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