Persona 5 Royal Jose stamp farming guide

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How to Quickly Collect All Mementos Stamps

As you explore Mementos in Persona 5 Royal, the mysterious boy Jose will assign you the duty of collecting stamps concealed around the dungeon. Each part of Mementos has a fixed amount of stamps to collect; do so to increase the drop rate of objects and money in the region.

Mementos features at least one stamp on each level. End floors have them in the middle of the platform, whereas regular levels have them on the platform that goes down and rests. Even if you obtain all of the promised stamps on each level, you’ll still be missing a lot. Open the navigation menu and look at the map to see how many stamps you’re missing.

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Simply traveling up and down a set of two ordinary levels is the easiest approach to farm for stamps (as in not rest or end floors). Clear the floors entirely, making careful to break down broken walls and open each door, since more stamps will always be hidden behind a wall or door.

Cracked walls are easy to overlook, so inspect any dead ends you come across to see whether they’re cracked. They will resemble the following:

Based on our tests, floors generally only contained one additional stamp, so after you’ve collected it, you may leave the level without worrying about missing another one.

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To make things even simpler, if you have Futaba (Hermit) at level 2, she may scan and show the map of the floor, allowing you to just move up and down until she scans a floor with a stamp on it.

If you’re playing before Futaba, having Ryuji (Chariot) at rank 7 will make scouring the floors much simpler, since you can utilize his “insta-kill” ability to entirely bypass encounters against weak shadows by running them over with Morgana’s bus form.

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