Persona 5 Royal darts answers and minigame guide

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What to say to your colleagues to help them win at darts and advance on the Baton Pass

You may play darts with your comrades in Persona 5 Royal in the Penguin Sniper Lounge in Kichijoji. After Ryuji welcomes you on June 5, you will have unlimited access to the lounge.

Baton Pass’s effects will be amplified if you play darts with your party mates. Baton Pass will be substantially stronger at peak level, recovering HP and SP. You’ll want your colleagues to benefit from this perk, so try playing darts with each Phantom Thief.

Notably, if you complete the round of darts, they will level up their Baton Pass rank by one; but, if a team member completes the round, they will level up by two, maxing it out in one shot. If you want to save time, make each character max out their Baton Pass rating in one battle.

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You should aim to strike as many bullseyes as possible every round, collecting 150 points per round. This will give you an additional point in Proficiency, which isn’t quite required but is a great bonus. Below are some pointers for the darts minigame:

  • Save your game before you start playing in case you make a mistake.
  • Throw the dart without using the motion controls (if your platform tells you to). Instead of waving the controller, you may toss the dart by pressing X on PlayStation.
  • After one person has played, a random team member in the audience will announce that it is their time. If you have already ranked up a team member or do not wish to rank up, soft reset your game.
  • If you deliver the proper response (see below) to the team member and it is feasible to win on turn four, they will win the game, awarding you two Baton Pass ranks. Make certain that the score is winnable by turn four.
  • Purchasing the Shibuya Underground Mall’s Dart Set and reading the book “Learn Pro Darts” from the Shinjuku book shop will make the game simpler.
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Each of the primary Phantom Thieves will appeal for encouragement on turn four. Responding with the proper response guarantees that they will win the game (as long as the score permits), and you will rank up their Baton Pass twice. Here are the right answers:

  • Ann: Just play normally.
  • Morgana: I have faith in you.
  • Yusuke: Pretend you’re a painter.
  • Ryuji: You’ve got to get your mind right!
  • Take a deep breath, Makoto.
  • Futaba: It’s true.
  • Haru: Have a good time with it.

You don’t need to play darts with Futaba since you can’t Baton Pass to her, but you may if you want for Confidant points.

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Akechi has no catchphrase since he only plays darts with 701 rules, which means you can’t get him to complete the game. No matter what, you’ll have to play with him twice to get him to peak rank.

We’ve put the spoiler characters from the third semester below this picture, so scroll at your own risk.

  • Sumire: Follow your gut impulses.

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