On an iPhone, you can’t hide the App Store, but here’s what you can do.

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On an iPhone, you can't hide the App Store, but here's what you can do.
On an iPhone, you can’t hide the App Store, but here’s what you can do.

Since the introduction of iOS 14, several individuals have expressed disgust towards the iPhone’s App Store. If you’re one of them, you’re probably seeking for a solution to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, you cannot conceal or erase the App Library from your smartphone. You may, however, take efforts to enhance your experience with it. So let’s have a look at your possibilities.

Learn to Avoid the iPhone App Library

At the moment, the only method to “get rid” of the iPhone App Library is to ignore it. The App Library may be found at the bottom of your Home Screen pages; just slide to the right to access it. While you might just skip swiping, there are various actions you may take to prevent seeing the App Library.

Adding extra applications, folders, and widgets to your Home screen is one method to bypass the App Library. The longer it takes you to scroll to the App Library, the simpler it is to ignore.

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Some of the greatest iPhone widgets take up a lot of space on the Home screen. Furthermore, they may increase your productivity. There are widgets for checking your email, maps, weather, and more. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and add them to your Home screen.

2. Add New Apps Directly to Your Home Screen

It’s likely that your new applications are downloading directly to the App Library, making opening them impossible unless you utilize Spotlight search (more on that below). You may resolve this by ensuring that new applications are added to your iPhone’s Home screen. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and choose Home Screen.
  3. Under Newly Downloaded Apps, ensure that Add to Home Screen is chosen.
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3. Use Search to Find Your Apps

There’s always the possibility of accidentally entering the App Library when looking for an app. Instead than digging through folders and Home Screen pages, utilize your iPhone’s Spotlight Search tool to discover it.

Simply scroll down any Home Screen page, put the app you want into the search field, then hit Go to launch it. Isn’t it simple?

You can discover a lot more using your iPhone’s search feature. So, keep reading to discover more about how to master Spotlight Search on your iPhone.

The iPhone App Library Shouldn’t Be a Dealbreaker

New iOS upgrades might be difficult for certain iPhone owners who are used to doing things in a certain manner. Apple, on the other hand, is continuously improving its software to keep it new.

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While we may have to accept the App Library for the time being, who knows what the future holds? All you may need are a few helpful hints and ideas to completely appreciate the App Library.

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