Is Your iPhone App Missing? How to Locate Missing iPhone Apps

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Is Your iPhone App Missing? How to Locate Missing iPhone Apps
Is Your iPhone App Missing? How to Locate Missing iPhone Apps

Are you looking for an app on your iPhone but can’t seem to locate it? It’s especially concerning if it’s a critical app for banking, productivity, or job.

We may purposefully conceal an app, forget about it, and then struggle to find it when we need it. At times, the app seems to have vanished from your iPhone’s Home Screen.

In any event, if you are unable to unhide applications or discover that certain apps are missing from the iPhone Home Screen, here is how to locate them.

1. Drag the Missing App From the App Library to the Home Screen

Apple launched App Library in iOS 14, which categorizes all of your applications. This capability has been retained in later versions of iOS, such as iOS 15 and iOS 16.

If you want to unhide applications, slide left on the last Home Screen to access App Library. Any missing applications should be found here.

Alternatively, you may just slide down when in the App Library to get a list of all applications in alphabetical order. Scroll down or use the search bar to quickly discover the hidden app.

When you’ve found the app you’re searching for, drag it from the App Library to the iPhone Home Screen. Long-press an app icon in the App Library, and if it isn’t already on the Home Screen, you’ll get an option to Add to Home Screen.

If you want all new applications you download to appear on the iPhone Home Screen in the future, go to Settings > Home Screen and choose Add to Home Screen. This will stop new applications from displaying on the Home Screen.

2. Use Spotlight to Find the Missing App

To get the Spotlight search bar, swipe down on your iPhone’s Home Screen. Now, input the name of the app and touch to launch it. You may simply tap the app icon and drag it to the Home Screen from here.

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3. Ask Siri to Open the Missing App

Siri may be used to open applications that have vanished from the Home Screen. Simply invoke the voice assistant and say, “Open [app name].”

To activate Siri, say “Hey Siri” or press and hold the Side button (on iPhones with Face ID) or Home button (on iPhones with Touch ID). Siri can do much more than just launch applications, as you may be aware.

4. Look Inside Folders to Find Hidden Apps

We sometimes place programs inside folders to conceal them or keep them out of sight if they aren’t used regularly. It’s easy to forget about them after a time.

If this is the case, open all of the app folders on your iPhone’s Home Screen and search for the lost app inside them. Once you’ve found it, drag the app icon from the folder to the Home Screen.

5. Check Screen Time to Unhide Restricted Apps

You or your guardian may use Screen Time to limit iPhone applications such as Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Mail, and others. Similarly, Screen Time allows you to ban applications based on their age. As a consequence, the app icons for these restricted applications will not appear on the Home Screen or in the App Library. They will not surface on search results or be available via Siri.

Unhide these applications by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Authorized Apps and ensuring that all of the apps are allowed. After that, go back to Content Restrictions > Apps and choose Allow All Apps.

Following this, the missing app icons should appear on the iPhone Home Screen and App Library. You may also disable Screen Time on your iPhone and iPad to eliminate all limits at once.

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iOS enables you to conceal Home Screens for a cleaner appearance, but if you do so inadvertently, you may be perplexed as to where your applications have gone. Not to worry! The App Library contains all of your downloaded applications. You may also read more about concealing and unhiding the Home Screen pages to prevent future misunderstanding.

6. Unhide Home Screen Pages to See All Your Apps

When you download an app for your iPhone, the app’s App Store website states Open (or Update). If the app has not yet been downloaded, it reads Get (or shows the Download icon).

7. Use the App Store to Check If an App Is Installed or Not

Here’s how to discover a lost app on your iPhone using this information:

When you conceal a purchase, it is removed from your or a family member’s list of App Store purchases. Furthermore, family members cannot download the concealed app.

  1. Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone and then press Search.
  2. Type the missing app name.
  3. If the app says Open in the search results, touch it. If it reads Get or displays a download icon, the app is not installed on your iPhone. You must first download it.

8. Unhide Purchased Apps and Re-Download Them

Please keep in mind that if the app is already installed on the device, this will not conceal it. Still, if you or a family member are unable to locate and re-download the hidden app, here’s how to unhide App Store purchases on your iPhone:

Finally, if you’ve had enough problems and want all of your apps to appear alphabetically, you may reset the Home Screen and Dock arrangement. Following that, the first Home Screen will display all of the Apple applications (just like a new iPhone). And the applications you’ve downloaded will be organized alphabetically.

  1. Launch the App Store and choose your profile image. Scroll to the bottom and choose Hidden Purchases.
  2. Tap your name and Apple ID.
  3. Tap Unhide next to an app that has been hidden.
  4. Go to Settings and choose General.
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9. Reset the Home Screen Layout to View All Apps Alphabetically

These are the quickest techniques to locate any lost or hidden iPhone applications. If you can’t locate an app, you probably removed it. Re-download it from the App Store in this situation.

Here’s how to reset the iPhone Home Screen layout:

  1. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout from the menu.
  2. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

Hopefully, You Found the Missing iPhone App!

Furthermore, the software might have been withdrawn from the App Store by the developer or Apple (as was the case with Flappy Bird and Fortnite, respectively). You will have to utilize one of its alternatives in such cases.

If you find it difficult to identify or launch applications fast, you should learn some innovative methods to arrange your iPhone Home Screen layout to assist you.

If it’s often difficult to find apps or open them quickly, you should learn some creative ways to organize your iPhone Home Screen layout to help with that.

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