Installing NordVPN on Ubuntu

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Installing NordVPN on Ubuntu
Installing NordVPN on Ubuntu

Choosing a VPN might be difficult. There are several alternatives to examine, ranging from pricing, privacy guarantees, and server location to compatibility with your OS system. It might be difficult to find a VPN that works effectively with Linux.

NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers that provides an app for Linux-based operating systems. You could use NordVPN to setup a VPN on Ubuntu, for example. We’ll teach you how to install NordVPN on Ubuntu and connect to a VPN server of your choosing in the sections below.

Does NordVPN Run on Ubuntu?

Most VPNs support OpenVPN, the open VPN protocol. This is handy when bragging about support for Linux operating systems. All a VPN provider has to do is give OpenVPN configuration files to claim that their service is Linux-compatible.

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This implies that the end user is responsible for configuring the VPN, downloading configuration files, and managing their own connections. That is OK for many Linux users, but it is not a good solution for somebody new to Linux and open-source software.

Some VPN companies take a different approach to this. They provide client apps rather than leaving the hard work to the end user. Some of them are desktop applications, similar to those found on Windows, macOS, and mobile devices. Others, on the other hand, are intended to run on the terminal and be controlled by a command line interface.

NordVPN is one such example. Its Linux client is available in DEB and RPM packages and is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Elementary OS
  • Linux Mint
  • Fedora
  • RHEL
  • CentOS
  • QubesOS
  • openSUSE
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As a result, NordVPN should function on the vast majority of Linux PCs. More significantly, it is one of the finest VPNs available; NordVPN is included on our list of the best VPNs.

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Using NordVPN on Ubuntu provides a nearly similar surfing experience to other systems that support NordVPN.

Grab the NordVPN Ubuntu App

You must have a current subscription to install NordVPN on Linux. A rolling monthly NordVPN plan costs less than $10, with long-term subscriptions costing substantially less.

After that, go to the download page and get the relevant version for your distribution.

The rest of this article will just cover operating NordVPN on Ubuntu.

Alternatively, open a terminal and use wget

wget https:

Because this is a tiny download, it should take just a few seconds to finish.

How to Install NordVPN on Ubuntu

The terminal is where the rest of the installation takes place.

Start by installing the downloaded file:

sudo apt-get install {/path/to/}nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb

For example, I downloaded the file to my /Downloads/ folder on my account’s /home/ disk, thus the command I used is:

sudo apt-get install /home/atomickarma/Downloads/nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb

You should be able to discover and install the DEB file as long as you remember where you saved it.

Next, check for updates

sudo apt-get update

The DEB file adds the NordVPN repo to your list of repositories; upgrading verifies that you have the most recent packages.

Proceed to full NordVPN installation on Ubuntu with

sudo apt-get install nordvpn

Once this finishes, NordVPN is installed on Ubuntu.

How to Connect to a VPN Server on Ubuntu With NordVPN

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Now that you’ve installed the VPN client program on your computer, you’ll need to log in.

nordvpn login

When prompted, enter your NordVPN username and password.

You can connect to a VPN in the terminal using

nordvpn c

Similarly, you can disconnect using

nordvpn d

By default, NordVPN will connect to the VPN server closest to your location (or the hub of your ISP). That’s all you really need to get started.

Further Commands for Using NordVPN on Ubuntu

Of course, you may utilize NordVPN in the terminal with a variety of additional instructions.

Knowing how to locate a certain server is important. You may also use terminal commands to show a list of nations and cities. Use

nordvpn countries

To list cities in the United States, enter

nordvpn cities United_States

to show all nations. You may also go through NordVPN’s list of cities and countries.

With a server in mind, use a simple text command to connect to it. Use

nordvpn c Amsterdam

to find a VPN server in Amsterdam, for example. Use an underscore for city names that include a space (such as New York):

nordvpn c New_York

You should also use

nordvpn status

to verify the status of your VPN connection. This is helpful if the connection drops or becomes unresponsive in any other way. A brief disconnect and reconnect generally solves the problem.

You can also check your account details with

nordvpn account

This will provide you with the email address linked with the account as well as the date your membership will expire.

Further NordVPN Configuration Options

Meanwhile, VPN settings can be checked with

nordvpn settings

This choice provides a wealth of information. First, there are the important options for auto-connect, kill switch, firewall, and other features.

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For example, to activate auto-connect (so that NordVPN connects to a VPN server when you log in), enter

nordvpn set autoconnect on

. Similar choices exist for configuring the selected technology (OpenVPN by default), protocol (UDP by default), and CyberSec (disabled by default, used for blocking suspicious adverts). All of these choices are available in NordVPN’s Windows, macOS, and mobile applications. The choices in such programs are managed through a mouse-driven or touch-based user interface.

A full list of other commands can be found using

nordvpn -h

While it may seem less appealing on Ubuntu and other Linux software, the NordVPN client functions precisely the same.

While other VPN companies force Linux users to fiddle with OpenVPN and configuration files, NordVPN simplifies the process. NordVPN has released a Linux client that can be launched from the command line and is compatible with Ubuntu.

NordVPN Just Works on Ubuntu

While a desktop client would be preferred, the command line NordVPN client will do for the majority of users.

Looking for something different? NordVPN isn’t the only VPN service that provides a Linux client.

Looking for a different option? NordVPN isn’t the only VPN provider to offer a Linux client.

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