In Chrome and Firefox, how can you take a full-page screenshot?

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In Chrome and Firefox, how can you take a full-page screenshot?
In Chrome and Firefox, how can you take a full-page screenshot?

When it comes to getting a screenshot, there should be no challenging parts. However, you may struggle to fit all of the required information and be forced to combine separate screenshots using a picture editor. The good news is that you may prevent this hassle by installing free Chrome or Firefox extensions or utilizing built-in utilities.

If Google Chrome is your usual browser, you have many choices for taking a full-page screenshot:

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot in Google Chrome

ScreenCapture is one of the greatest Chrome addons available.

All you have to do to access the extension’s menu is click its icon. Select Whole page screenshot if you need to take a snapshot of the complete page. ScreenCapture will cycle through the whole website and open a new tab with the screenshot in it.

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot Using ScreenCapture

You can edit screenshots using ScreenCapture without needing to launch another software or an internet editing tool. Using the addon, you may add text, arrows, and other components. When you’re done editing, you may save it as a PDF, PNG, or copy it to your clipboard. Select Capture area if you need additional control over the snapshot. By resizing the box, you may modify the captured area. To capture a scrolling screenshot, click and hold the bottom section of the box while scrolling the page with your mouse. Simply hit Esc to cancel capturing a screenshot.

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Open the extension’s menu and choose Show History to see your screenshots. You may view, download, or delete your screenshots from there.

If you believe you have too many extensions loaded, you may use Chrome’s Developer Tools to capture a screenshot. Before attempting this strategy, bear in mind that it works best for text-based websites rather than online applications.

If you like Firefox, here are a few alternatives to consider:

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot Without an Extension

Nimbus is a great Firefox addon for taking full-page screenshots.

Follow these steps to take a full-page screenshot:

  1. Open Chrome’s menu.
  2. Navigate to Developer tools > More tools.
  3. Select the Run command by clicking the three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows or Command+Shift+P on a Mac.
  4. In the search box, type screenshot.
  5. Capture full-size screenshot is selected.
  6. Chrome should save the screenshot to your Downloads folder after it has been taken.

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot in Mozilla Firefox

After installing Nimbus, click the extension’s icon to view the extension’s menu. You may choose what you want to do once the screenshot is taken before capturing it.

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Nimbus provides several choices, including the ability to alter the capture, send it to storage, post it, or save it to your PC.

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot Using Nimbus

If you choose Entire page, Nimbus will record the page content as it scrolls on its own. The screenshot will then be opened in a new tab. You may change the picture using its tools by adding text, arrows, shapes, and other elements. Parts of the picture may even be blurred.

Click Selected & Scroll if you don’t need to capture the full page. This will display a capture box, which you may enlarge. To create a scrolling screenshot, click and hold the box’s bottom portion while scrolling with your mouse.

You can snap a scrolling screenshot using Mozilla’s built-in feature. To enable it, right-click the browser’s toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar. Then, on the toolbar, drag the Screenshot tool.

Go to the website you want to capture, wait for it to completely load, and then click the Screenshot tool. Save entire page to capture a full-page screenshot.

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If you simply require a scrolling snapshot, establish a capture box by dragging the pointer across the page. Then, scroll the page by clicking and holding the bottom section of the box.

There are several alternatives for extensions that allow you to snap a full-page screenshot, and you may try them all until you discover one that you prefer.

If you use Chrome or Firefox, you should look into the extensions and tools recommended in this article.

Don’t Take Multiple Screenshots

There are many options when it comes to extensions that help you take a full-page screenshot, and you can test a few until you find one that you like.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can check the extensions and tools listed in this article.

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