In 5 Easy Steps, Learn How to Highlight Text in a PDF File.

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In 5 Easy Steps, Learn How to Highlight Text in a PDF File.
In 5 Easy Steps, Learn How to Highlight Text in a PDF File.

How to Highlight Text in a PDF File in 5 Simple Steps

PDFs are among the most widely used documents on the internet. It may be useful to learn how to highlight text in it.

Almost everyone has come across PDF files when it comes to paperwork. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that may hold text, graphics, and other data as part of a unified document. However, unlike Word documents, PDFs do not give simple alternatives for making modifications to enhance the readability of your text.

The ability to highlight sentences in the manuscript is one such significant improvement. There are several online PDF editors available to assist you with this, but to keep things simple, we will highlight text in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine, you may download the executable file and run it to complete the installation process.

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Steps to Highlight Text in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Although the majority of the functionality for editing a PDF in Adobe Reader are only accessible in the premium Adobe Acrobat Pro DC edition, text highlighting may still be done using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by following the instructions below.

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and open your PDF.
  2. From the toolbar at the top of the screen, choose the Highlight text icon.
  3. When you choose it, the Highlight text tool becomes active, showing that it is the selected choice.
  4. Find the paragraph or phrase you wish to emphasize. Then, to see the text highlighted, click and drag your left mouse button along the text or phrase, releasing it only when your preferred text is picked.
  5. Click File -> Save or press Ctrl + S to save the highlighted document.
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Change the Color of Highlighted Text or Remove Highlight

  1. To change the color of the selected text, left-click the mouse button on it and then click the circular yellow icon to access the available color palette and choose the appropriate color.
  2. To delete or remove the highlight property, right-click on the highlighted text or phrase and choose the Trash icon.
  3. To reflect the most recent changes in your work, go to File -> Save or press Ctrl + S.

Explore Other Options

If you don’t want to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you may look at other online programs such as Smallpdf, iLovePDF, Soda PDF, and others that provide the same or more PDF editing functionality with free and premium editions.

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