How to View Your Instagram Archived Posts

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How to View Your Instagram Archived Posts
How to View Your Instagram Archived Posts

How to View Your Archived Posts on Instagram

What happens when you upload posts to your Instagram archive? Here’s how to look at them…

If you’re like most people, you have a few Instagram posts that you’d prefer no one see anymore. Maybe they’re from a moment in your life you’d rather forget, or they’re simply not flattering.

Fortunately, Instagram’s archive tool makes it simple to conceal these posts from view without deleting them. But what if you want to go back and look at these photographs and videos later?

This article will teach you how to see Instagram posts that you’ve archived.

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When you archive a post on Instagram, it no longer appears on your profile.

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The post, however, is not destroyed, and you may see it at any time by heading to your archive. You may also opt to unarchive the post, which will restore it to your profile.

If you’re active on Instagram, chances are you’ve had to hide a photo from your feed solely because it didn’t fit into your carefully curated feed. But just because a photo doesn’t fit into your feed, doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep it.

You may hide these posts using the archive option instead of deleting them. If you wish to save the post for sentimental reasons, this might be handy.

How to View Your Archived Posts on Instagram

Because the archive function is only accessible on Instagram’s mobile app, you’ll need to use the Instagram app to see your archived posts.

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With that stated, here’s how to see Instagram posts you’ve archived:

  1. Go to your smartphone and open the Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to your profile.
  3. To open a menu, tap the hamburger symbol.
  4. Select Archive.
  5. To switch between tabs for your Stories, Post, and Live archives, tap the downward-pointing arrow.

All of your old posts will be available here. We previously discussed how to archive and unarchive Instagram posts. If you’re not sure how to accomplish that, see our tutorial.

Can Other Users See Posts You’ve Archived?

When you archive a post, only you can see it. Even those who have been tagged in the snapshot cannot view it. Someone may only read an archived post if you unarchive it.

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Access Your Instagram Easily

Instagram’s archive function allows you to hide posts without deleting them. It’s also easy to return to them if you know which options to use.

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