How to View the History of Your YouTube Comments

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How to View the History of Your YouTube Comments
How to View the History of Your YouTube Comments

As a YouTube user, you’ve most likely made several comments on numerous videos. We’ve all done it, but it may be difficult to keep track of them all.

Fortunately, YouTube makes it simple to see, modify, or remove all of your account’s comments. How? Continue reading to discover out.

There are several reasons to examine your comment history. Perhaps you’d want to commemorate a great moment or share one of your most amusing remarks with your friends or family.

Furthermore, since YouTube allows you to edit or remove your comments, you may quickly amend or delete a remark. After all, we’ve all written something humiliating or inaccurate at some time.

Additionally, since YouTube retains a record of any accessible comments you’ve made on your account, understanding how to see and manage your YouTube comments may be quite useful.

First, let’s go through how to use your chosen browser to discover your YouTube comments.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account at
  2. In the upper left corner of the page, click the hamburger icon (three lines) and then History. Your YouTube history page will be shown. Click Comments under Manage All History on the right-side menu.
  3. You will be sent to your Comment History. All of your YouTube comments from your account will be posted here. To see any remark, just scroll up or down.
  4. Your comment will be followed by the words Commented on, followed by a link to the video or post where you left that comment. Select the link.
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If you commented on a deleted video or if YouTube erased your remark for whatever reason, it will not display in your history.

Once in your YouTube Comment History, you may alter or remove any accessible comment. To begin, go to the comment you want to edit or remove, and then follow these steps:

  1. The video on which you commented will be opened in YouTube. Scroll down to the comments area, and your remark will be at the top of the list. This remark will display as a highlighted comment on YouTube. Hover your cursor over the remark and click the More button to modify or remove it (the three dots at the right side of your comment).
  2. To delete a remark, click the Delete button, and the comment will be permanently removed.
  3. To modify, choose Edit to add or alter the content of the remark. After you’ve finished modifying, click the Save button. The new comment will show, along with the term (edited) next to the comment’s timestamp.
  4. Launch YouTube on your device.
  5. In the upper right corner of your screen, tap your profile.
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It’s also simple to share your thoughts. When you click on one of your comments, as we previously shown, the URL in your browser’s address bar becomes a unique link to the video page with your highlighted remark at the top of the comments list.

You may share the link using your browser’s sharing button, if it has one. Or just copy it from the URL bar and share it with your friends, on social media, or in any other way you see fit.

You can also read and manage your comments on your smartphone by using the YouTube app. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap More on your YouTube dashboard to see the comments you’ve made.
  2. Go to the comments section. This will bring up your YouTube Comment History, where you can see all of your comments.
  3. Select Your data in YouTube.
  4. Select the desired video or post. It will display your highlighted remark. More Info (the three dots on the right).
  5. Choose Edit to make changes to your remark or Delete to erase it.
  6. Tap the video or post you want.
  7. It will open up your Highlighted comment. Tap More (the three dots on the right).
  8. Select Edit to make changes or Delete to remove your comment.
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You may wish to examine and alter numerous past comments, and you now know how simple it is to do so.

So go ahead and modify or arrange your comments on your computer or phone, or just go through your comment history to recall great times and situations.

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