How to View Reddit Deleted Posts

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How to View Reddit Deleted Posts
How to View Reddit Deleted Posts

It’s unpleasant to come upon a removed post with a lot of upvotes when perusing Reddit. A quick glance at the topic title piques your interest, prompting you to consider how wonderful it would be if you could just time travel to the past and discover what the deleted thread was all about.

That is, just the time travel component is conceivable. We’ll show you five alternative methods to read old, deleted Reddit posts and comments to quench your curiosity.

1. Unddit

Unddit is most likely the most handy solution for seeing deleted Reddit discussions. It allows you to examine deleted posts and comments and color codes them to distinguish deleted information depending on who removed it. Unddit will also disclose the username of the original poster of the remark.

It is quite simple to use Unddit. Go to and drag the red Unddit button to your favorites bar. Now, open the deleted Reddit thread you want to look at, and after the page has completely loaded, click on the Unddit bookmark from the bar.

You may also replace “reddit” in the thread URL with “unddit,” which will send you to the identical Unddit web page.

Unddit pulls data from the Pushshift archive and displays it in an old Reddit-style interface. Pushshift is a data gathering and monitoring software for social media that has been preserving Reddit data since 2015.

Unddit, as previously stated, employs a red-blue color scheme to differentiate between user-deleted and moderator-removed comments. Comments deleted by users are highlighted in blue, whilst comments with a red background were removed by a subreddit moderator.

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If you want to see all of a post’s removed comments, you’ll have to wait as Unddit loads the data. If you wish to see a specific remark in a thread, there is an easy method to do so. Unddit will only retrieve and load the thread containing the removed remark if you give a direct link to it.

2. Reveddit

When you go to, there is just one text box where you may input the username, subreddit name, or link to the topic. When you enter a subreddit name, Reveddit will display a list of all the deleted threads and comments from that subreddit. You may then go through the results to see if anything catches your eye, or you can just search for what you’re looking for using other search options.

You may enter URLs for both posts and particular threads, much as on Reddit. You may also replace “reddit” in the thread URL with “reveddit” to see removed material in that topic.

The only disadvantage? Users’ removed comments are not shown on Reveddit. You can only see comments that have been removed by the subreddit’s administrator.

3. Resavr

Because it does not enable you to see deleted posts, Resavr may not be the ideal website to search for deleted Reddit material. It’s a website devoted only to examining deleted Reddit comments. Another problem is that you can’t use the link to a particular thread to find the deleted remark you’re searching for.

The interface is straightforward. It is an excellent website for individuals who wish to spend the time by reading deleted Reddit comments and lists recently removed Reddit comments. It does, however, link back to the original deleted Reddit topic, so you can go ahead and read the complete post to understand the context of the discussion.

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4. The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine, often known as the Internet Archive, archives the entire internet, including Reddit. If the aforementioned tools fail to show the deleted text, you may try visiting the Wayback Machine in the hopes that it has preserved the remark you want to view.

To begin, go to and type in the URL of the Reddit post you wish to see. First, tidy up the URL by eliminating any trailing, superfluous HTTP arguments.

The website will show a calendar of captured pictures. If there is a relevant snapshot, you may access the web page by clicking on the day the snapshot was captured.

It’s worth noting that if a user or moderator removed a remark or thread before the Wayback Machine could archive it, the comments will be marked as deleted.

5. Google Cache

Google, like the Wayback Machine, indexes web sites and maintains a cached version of those pages to show to visitors. Using Google’s cache, you may also read deleted Reddit comments and posts.

To begin, use the title of the thread to search for the Reddit post. Then, when you discover the post in the search engine results, click the three-dots symbol next to it. If you see a Cached option at the bottom of the modal box, it signifies that Google has a cached version of that page and you may access it by clicking on it.

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If you’re fortunate, the deleted thread or remark you want to read will still be there after Google re-crawls and stores a fresh version of the page. As is evident, this only works with recently removed comments since Google searches web sites at an alarming pace and constantly changes the cached pages.

Reddit Is Home to Some Great Conversations!

Viewing deleted comments and posts may seem improper at first, given that they were removed for a cause. There are several websites that allow you to go into the data and resurrect deleted Reddit discussions. It’s very useful if you wish to retrieve an unintentionally deleted Reddit remark.

Given Reddit’s poor search tool, it’s probable that you’ve spent hours looking for a topic you read previously, only to never find it again. A user may have removed the post, or you may not be accessing the page correctly. As a result, knowing how to navigate the internet is critical, particularly on a network like Reddit, where hundreds of new posts are posted every hour.

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