How to View Instagram Posts Without Signing Up

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How to View Instagram Posts Without Signing Up
How to View Instagram Posts Without Signing Up

If you’ve never used Instagram but want to peek at someone’s account, you can do so even if you don’t have a profile.

Without an account, features are severely restricted, but you can still browse someone’s profile and receive an overview of postings provided you know the appropriate ways.

Here’s how to use Instagram without creating an account…

How to View Instagram Without an Account: Is It Possible?

Going to and browsing the site without creating an account will get you nowhere. All you’ll see is a login page asking you to sign in or register.

Those who are acquainted with Instagram and how it works understand that a profile is the only way to access all of the platform’s capabilities.

You cannot use Instagram as a real user until you create a profile and provide login information. It makes no difference if you’re using a smartphone or Chrome.

However, there are workarounds for this login box, including browsing profiles directly and utilizing third-party Instagram viewers.

How to View an Instagram Profile Without an Account Using Instagram

The good news is that if you know the precise username and the profile is set to public, you can still discover a particular Instagram profile.

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When searching for an Instagram profile without an account, just enter the Instagram website URL followed by the account’s username into your browser.

For example, you may see the account’s picture feed by typing in “[username].” This was tried using “,” but it should work with any public profile. The account you are attempting to see will not be able to see who has viewed their Instagram posts. They can only see who has seen their Stories.

Instagram viewer sites allow you to see Instagram accounts without having an account. These are third-party programs for browsing Instagram accounts.

How to View an Instagram Profile Without an Account Using Instagram Viewers

There are several sorts of Instagram viewers from which to pick. ImgInn, Inflact, Dumpor, Anon IG Viewer, and GreatFon are a few popular ones.

We’ll use ImgInn for this example since it’s completely free and enables you to browse Instagram without creating an account. You may also save pictures, videos, and Stories to your device.

Here’s how to use ImgInn to see Instagram without an account:

You may also view comments on articles using this feature. ImgInn does not need registration to see Instagram without an account.

  1. Navigate to ImgInn on your smartphone or computer.
  2. In the search field, type the person’s name or @username, then click the search icon.
  3. Select the profile you want to see by clicking on it. Viewing publicly accessible profiles.
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Be aware of Instagram watchers that want personal information before enabling you to utilize their services.

While you can see Instagram without an account, there isn’t much more you can do besides:

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What You Can Do Without an Instagram Account

Because Instagram doesn’t want anybody utilizing its site without a profile, your options will be severely restricted.

  • Viewing the total number of posts, followers, and followers. Viewing and downloading images, videos, and Stories.
  • Clicking on bio links.
  • Socializing with other IG members.
  • Adhering to an Instagram account.
  • Viewing comments on posts.
  • Seeing related accounts.

What You Can’t Do Without an Instagram Account

Just because you could view a profile page and a post summary without creating an account doesn’t imply you’ll be able to do anything more.

Viewing a profile and a reduced picture feed is essentially the only thing you can do without actually registering for an account and checking in.

Here are some of the advantages you are foregoing by not establishing a profile:

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When you try to perform any of the following, a popup will display requesting you to check in before you may use the platform.

  • Networking with other IG users.
  • Posting comments.
  • Liking photos and videos.
  • Zooming in on photos.
  • Viewing Highlights.
  • Following an Instagram account.
  • Camera effects and Stickers.
  • Posting your own content.

You now know how to see Instagram without having an account. You may browse Instagram without checking in or creating an account this way, but you won’t be able to engage with or read posts like a normal user.

Viewing Instagram Without Logging In

If you’re considering about joining Instagram, familiarize yourself with the app by understanding its top features.

If you’re thinking about signing up on Instagram, get more comfortable with the app by learning its best features.

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