How to Use Photos’ Built-In Image Editing Tools on a Mac

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How to Use Photos' Built-In Image Editing Tools on a Mac
How to Use Photos’ Built-In Image Editing Tools on a Mac

If you use a Mac, you’re probably utilizing online graphic platforms like Canva or downloading expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs. However, did you know that Mac’s Photos software has picture editing tools? It’s really very competent, and you can use it to create photographs that you’ll be happy to show off.

Here’s how to edit images in the Photos app on your Mac.

Photo editing options are hidden inside Photos, Apple’s built-in software. To get them, go to:

  1. Open to Photos.
  2. Double-click the picture to be edited, then choose Edit from the toolbar. Alternatively, choose the photo’s thumbnail and press Return.

Photos saves an original copy of your picture and enables you to reverse your adjustments by selecting Revert to Original on the toolbar’s left side. If you utilize iCloud Photos, any modifications you make to the picture will be seen anywhere it is stored.

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If you wish to play with the picture but save the original, you may duplicate it and make your changes on the duplicate image. Go to Photos, Control-click the image, and then choose Duplicate 1 Photo. You may also use the Cmd + D shortcut.

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Remove Unwanted Details With Crop

Trim photographs to get rid of unnecessary things in the background or to get the ideal framing for the image. Photos may also crop and straighten your image for you if you choose Auto.

Manually alter the frame using Freeform by clicking and dragging on either side of the chosen area. If you require a certain measurement, click Aspect, then choose a preset ratio or click Custom to enter your own.

To turn the picture horizontally, click Flip. If you want to flip it vertically, use the Option key. Straighten the image if it was taken at an unusual angle by pulling the tilt wheel on the right side of the image. If you wish to undo the cropping or straightening adjustments, click Reset.

Enhance Photos Using Filters

Adding filters to your images is a simple method to improve their aesthetic appeal. Click Filters to get a list of available filters. Choose one of the nine available filters and drag or click the slider to alter the amount of filter applied to your picture.

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Find the Best Orientation With Rotate

Certain gadgets favor one orientation over another. Photos seen on mobile phones, for example, are often in portrait mode, but those viewed on desktop computers are frequently in landscape mode. This makes the Rotation tool quite useful.

Simply click the Rotate button to flip your picture counterclockwise, and Option-click to turn it clockwise. Continue clicking until you get the desired orientation.

Automatically Enhance Your Images

Even if you’re not an editing expert, you can improve the color and contrast of your photos by pressing the Auto Enhance button, which is represented by the magic wand symbol on the toolbar. If you don’t like the modifications, you may reverse them by clicking the icon again or selecting Revert to Original.

Use Adjust to Fine Tune Your Photos

In addition to simple tools, Apple has included over a dozen complex tools in Photos to allow you to make more advanced edits to your photographs without the need for pricey third-party programs. This section includes tools such as Light Adjustments, Retouch for blemishes, White Balance to reduce color cast, and Curves and Levels. Most of these apps have extra choices for fine-tuning the photographs to your liking.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photo editor, Mac’s built-in picture editing tools provide basic and sophisticated photo editing skills to match your requirements. Furthermore, Photos’ functions are equivalent to commercial editing tools, so you no longer need to spend money on third-party programs.

Whether you’re a photo-editing newbie or an editing pro, Mac’s built-in photo editing tools offer basic and advanced photo editing capabilities to meet your needs. What’s more, the features in Photos are comparable to paid editing tools, so you no longer have to spend a penny on third-party tools.

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