How to Use Parsec to Play PC Games on Android Devices

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How to Use Parsec to Play PC Games on Android Devices
How to Use Parsec to Play PC Games on Android Devices

Tired of the continuous advertising, extra videos, and in-app purchases while playing Android games? Would you rather play PC games on your Android?

Thanks to Parsec, you can. Whether you have an Android phone or tablet, you can now stream low-latency games from your PC or laptop to your Android device. And it’s simple to accomplish.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Parsec to play PC games on your Android, what you’ll need, and why it’s a smart idea.

PC Gaming Is Better Than Android Gaming

With over 30 years of games to pick from, as well as the majority of current AAA releases, PC gaming shows no signs of fading. As wonderful as Android gaming is, it pales in comparison to gaming on Windows, macOS, and even Linux.

We recently discussed how to play games on Android using the Steam Link app. That solution, however, is restricted to Steam games. What if you’re using a different digital distribution provider, or if you’ve installed a game from a disc?

The solution is to use Parsec to stream the game from your PC to your Android.

Before you begin, go to the Parsec website and download the Windows software. This program serves as a gaming server. At the time of writing, a preview version is available for macOS 10.15 and later, however there is no Linux server. (However, similar to Android, client software for Windows, macOS, and Linux may be downloaded.)

How to Set Up Parsec to Play PC Games on Android

Parsec is simple to install on your Android smartphone and PC, and it can even broadcast games at 60 frames per second. However, before you begin, you must configure your Android smartphone, PC, and network.

Grab an Android-Compatible Gamepad

You’ll need an Android-compatible gaming controller to get the best results while playing PC games on your Android smartphone. There are many such devices available; however, we discovered that the greatest results were obtained using a USB controller and the USB OTG connection on Android.

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This seems to be due to a conflict between certain Bluetooth controllers and the bandwidth utilized to connect to your computer through Parsec.

Configure Your Network

Before we begin, it is important to note that using Wi-Fi to stream PC games to your Android smartphone is not the ideal option.

To guarantee a quick and consistent connection, make sure your PC is connected to the router through Ethernet. It is wise to take the time to verify that your network is ready before proceeding.

While the 5GHz band on your network is theoretically fast enough, its range is limited, so both the PC and the Android smartphone must be in the same room (or relatively near) to the router. 5GHz transmissions are weakened by walls.

Parsec may be used with two devices on separate networks. However, you must first determine the network’s strength and capabilities. Although using 5G (or even 4G/LTE) is a possibility, monthly data limitations render this alternative obsolete.

Stick to Wi-Fi.

Create a Parsec Account

The next step is to create an account with Parsec. The first time the server software runs on your PC, you’ll be given the choice to do so. This account allows you to manage any devices on which Parsec has been installed, change settings, and even arrange remote multiplayer gaming parties.

Save the information since you’ll need it to log into Parsec on Android.

Set Up Parsec on Android

Next, download the Parsec app from the Google Play Store. Launch the app after installation and sign in. Before you begin, make sure your Android smartphone is on the same network as your PC.

Download: Parsec for Android (Free)

The majority of Parsec setting is done on your PC. On the Android client, however, you may change the Client and Network settings. Tap the hamburger menu button, then the Settings cog, to access these.

You may change the visibility of the Parsec Overlay button in the Client menu. While connected to your PC, this allows you easy access to the Parsec client. Meanwhile, on the Network tab, you may choose a Client Port (leave blank to let Parsec choose). Configure your router to route traffic to Parsec on your Android smartphone using UPnP.

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Configure Parsec for Gaming

Open the Parsec server program on your desktop and go to Settings > Host to specify the basic settings. You’ll find choices for Bandwidth and Resolution here, both of which may help you improve the streaming quality. These may also be changed while streaming in the client app.

Also, examine the Renderer, Vsync, and Decoder Mode settings in the Client view. Set Vsync to On for the greatest performance, and Renderer to DirectX if you’re using Windows. Decoder should be Accelerated (or your discrete graphics card should be chosen) to reduce latency; older PCs will not support this option.

These options should be plenty for you. However, you may discover that subsequently changing them enhances the quality of the broadcast from your PC to your Android.

It’s worth noting that Parsec does more than just make it easier to play PC games on Android. It may also configure your PC to be a network party host, allowing you to connect with your pals for multiplayer fun. You may also join an already existing party.

Interested? To enable this:

  1. Go to Settings > Host
  2. Change Hosting Enabled to Enabled.
  3. Open the game you wish to share. Find it under the Arcade tab of the Parsec desktop server program. Do you want to host a game? and share the game’s icon
  4. Install Parsec on your PC and Android smartphone.

Your game will the be shared.

How to Play PC Games on Android With Parsec

It is easy to play a PC game on your Android phone or tablet. Simply start the game on your PC, then open the Parsec software on your Android device and choose Connect. The game will be controlled using the linked Android controller; you are now playing PC games on your Android smartphone!

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Do you want to return to the main Parsec screen? To access the settings, tap the superimposed Parsec logo. You may change the frame rate and resolution from here, or disconnect.

Parsec allows you to play PC games on your phone or tablet.

Alternatives to Parsec: Other Ways to Play Any PC Game on Android

Parsec isn’t the only application that allows you to stream PC games to an Android smartphone. It does, however, have a track record of providing this capability on PC-to-PC systems. However, Android users should also think about:

Parsec for Android is still under development at the time of writing. Consider one of these alternatives if Parsec does not fit your needs.

Forget Mobile Games, Play PC Games on Android With Parsec!

Using Parsec to stream PC games to your Android phone or tablet may completely transform your gaming experience. Even better, it’s very easy to set up, and Parsec is completely free to use (although there is a subscription service called Warp that gives you early access to new features).

To summarize, you must perform the following to play PC games on your Android device:

  1. Configure your network.
  2. Run the game on Windows, macOS, or Linux before playing it on Android.
  3. Create a Parsec account.
  4. Configure Parsec.
  5. Launch the game on Windows, macOS, or Linux, and play on Android.

Gaming on another device is getting more common. With the correct streaming gear, you can now play PC and console games on Android.

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