How to Use iPhone Camera Grid Lines to Take Better Photos

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How to Use iPhone Camera Grid Lines to Take Better Photos

How to Enable Camera Grid Lines on an iPhone and Take Better Photos

Turning on grid lines in the Camera app makes it simpler to capture more attractive iPhone images.

Apple has put forth a lot of effort to make photography one of the iPhone’s best features. A variety of factors contribute to this, some of which are not even available in the Camera app. The camera grid lines are one example of this kind of functionality.

Camera grid lines assist you in adhering to the “Rule of Thirds” of photography. Have you ever heard of it? Read on to learn more about the rule of thirds and how to use iPhone camera grid lines to execute it.

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Using the Rule of Thirds to Take Better Photos

Simply expressed, the Rule of Thirds in photography argues that by positioning the subject at the intersection of grid lines that divide the picture into thirds, you may generate a stronger image. This indicates that the focus point of your picture should not be in the middle, but rather in the left or right third of the frame.

This will offer your shots more balance and better composition, as well as a more professional appearance. If you’re an expert photographer, you may use the Rule of Thirds without the grid lines, but the iPhone’s camera grid lines are a great help for novices.

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How to Get Camera Grid Lines on an iPhone

You won’t find a setting to activate camera grid lines in the Camera app; instead, go to the Settings app:

  1. Navigate to Camera in Settings.
  2. Turn on the Grid toggle under Composition.
  3. Open the Camera app to examine whether the grid lines are visible on your screen.

Two horizontal and two vertical grid lines form three columns and rows, making it simple to apply the Rule of Thirds. Furthermore, the grid lines may be seen in all iPhone camera modes.

Boost Your Photography Game With Grid Lines

Grid lines are an excellent tool for photographers, assisting them in balancing everything in their frame and using the Rule of Thirds. You can’t activate them directly in the Camera, but they’re worth a quick trip to the Settings app.

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