How to Use Instagram’s Vanish Mode (and Why You Should)

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How to Use Instagram's Vanish Mode (and Why You Should)
How to Use Instagram’s Vanish Mode (and Why You Should)

“The internet never forgets,” as they say. It can now! You may hold private messages that vanish once the receiver has read them using Instagram’s Vanish Mode.

In this post, we’ll show you how to utilize Instagram’s Vanish Mode to hold conversations that leave no trace.

What Is Vanish Mode?

Vanish Mode was first introduced on Facebook Messenger in 2020, but it has since been brought to Instagram’s chat functions as well. Users may use this functionality to create and join ephemeral chat threads that are immediately deleted after the session concludes.

Instagram Vanish Mode is comparable to Snapchat’s self-erasing function, except it only works when you explicitly activate it. Furthermore, the function is only available in two-person conversations and not in group chats.

Do you want to be a part of this? Let’s see how the vanishing message function works!

How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram

To activate Vanish Mode:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the conversation button.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your conversation and choose an existing message or start a new message thread.
  3. To enable Vanish Mode, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and then release your finger.
  4. When you enable it, Instagram will go into dark mode and some shushing emojis will appear at the top of your screen to indicate that you are in Vanish Mode.
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Your chat friend is also told on the screen that they are conversing in Vanish Mode. Continue to send Instagram direct messages as usual.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

To close the Vanish Mode feature:

  1. Open a conversation in which you have Vanish Mode enabled.
  2. To turn off Vanish Mode, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and hold it until you see Release.
  3. Swipe all the way up to turn off Vanish Mode.

When you shut your chat window, any messages you’ve viewed will vanish.

If the functionality does not seem to be working in your app, ensure that it is up to date. If you have the most recent version of Instagram and are still unable to use Vanish Mode, it is possible that it is not accessible in your location.

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How Does Vanish Mode Work?

Before you start utilizing Instagram’s Vanish Mode, there are a few things you should know…

Vanish Mode is only available in one-on-one discussions; it does not operate in group chats. Furthermore, you will only be able to activate Vanish Mode with contacts you follow or have recently spoken with. If the other person captures a snapshot of your communications while you are in Vanish Mode, you will be alerted right away, and vice versa.

Only messages and material sent after using Vanish Mode will vanish. Other communications sent when Vanish Mode is turned off are permanent until you opt to unsend them. If you’re hesitant, here’s how to undo Instagram DMs.

If you send messages by accident without using the Vanish Mode option, your messages will appear among other messages. Vanish Mode will not automatically conceal communications that you accidentally transmit.

Why You Should Use Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode is ideal if you’re concerned about snoopers reading your communications. If safety and privacy are essential to you (and we’re sure they are), you should use the feature.

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You may also utilize Vanish Mode to hold a private conversation with another Instagram user. For example, if you’re preparing a surprise party for a friend or loved one, you may use Vanish Mode to communicate the plans with other parties without risk of information leakage.

Break Out Of Your Messaging Shell

When you exit the conversation, any viewable photographs, text, memes, stickers, or GIFs exchanged in Vanish Mode are gone forever. If you do not feel comfortable, you may always block someone or report a communication. Feel free to use this function to break out of your e-shell and express yourself.

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