How to Use Google Maps to Check Traffic

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How to Use Google Maps to Check Traffic
How to Use Google Maps to Check Traffic

Whether you’re on your way someplace or simply want to see how packed a certain street is, Google Maps on both desktop and mobile makes it simple to monitor traffic delays. That’s what we’ll show you.

What Do the Colors Mean in Google Maps?

Google Maps use a variety of color codes to depict the varying amounts of traffic. Your streets and roads will be highlighted with one of these color lines.

  • Green lines indicate that there are no traffic delays.
  • Orange Lines: This indicates that your roadways have moderate traffic.
  • Red lines: These lines indicate serious road traffic delays.
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Check Traffic in Google Maps on Mobile

Use the free Google Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to check traffic volumes.

Begin by opening Google Maps on your phone. Tap the “Layers” icon to the right of the current map (a square over another square).

A menu will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen. To activate realtime traffic data on your map, go to this menu and choose “Traffic.”

Then close the menu by tapping “X” in the top-right corner.

Your map will now display color-coded lines showing traffic status.

And here is how you can plan your journeys without being snarled in traffic!

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Maps also allows you to pick fuel-efficient routes if you want to save money on your next trip.

Check Traffic in Google Maps on Desktop

Use the Google Maps website to see live traffic statistics from your desktop computer.

To begin, use a web browser on your computer and go to Google Maps. Hover your mouse over the “Layers” symbol in the bottom-left corner of the current map.

From the expanded menu, choose the “Traffic” layer.

Maps will quickly display color-coded lines on your current map showing traffic delays.

Tip: To change from live traffic to typical traffic, at the bottom of the map, click the “Live Traffic” option.

And you’re all set.

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You can also set departure and arrival timings in Google Maps on your phone to better plan your travel. Try it out on your next trip.

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