How to Use Fire Toolbox to Personalize Your Amazon Tablet

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How to Use Fire Toolbox to Personalize Your Amazon Tablet
How to Use Fire Toolbox to Personalize Your Amazon Tablet

Dissatisfied with the appearance of your Amazon Fire tablet? Do you dislike how it distributes adverts, requires you to utilize preloaded Amazon applications, or just wish to install Google Assistant?

Because the Fire OS is based on Android, you have some control over how the tablet’s operating system operates. To take use of this, you’ll need a tool to customize your Amazon Fire tablet, such as Fire Toolbox (FTB).

Installing FTB will offer you the ability to significantly enhance your Amazon Fire tablet. These abilities include the capacity to:

  • Installing and configuring Google services
  • Set a custom launcher
  • Manage hybrid apps
  • Set custom sounds
  • Choose your chosen software keyboard
  • Change the screen display density
  • Manage the lockscreen apps
  • Use Google Assistant
  • Manage your Amazon applications

…and more besides.

The best part is that you can make these changes to your Amazon Fire tablet without rooting it.

The Fire Toolbox utility suite is available for most Fire tablet models. You may use FTB if you purchased a new Amazon Fire tablet from 2014 that is labeled Fire or Fire HD (rather than Kindle Fire).

So, this includes:

  • Amazon Fire 7 (2022)
  • Amazon Fire 10/10+ (2021)
  • Amazon Fire 8/8+ (2020)
  • Amazon Fire 10 (2019)
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2019)
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2018)
  • Amazon Fire 10 (2017)
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2017)
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2017)
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2016)
  • Amazon Fire HD10 (2015)
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2015)
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2015)
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2014)
  • Amazon Fire HD6 (2014)

Other tools for customizing earlier Amazon Fire tablets are available, but they are no longer supported.

Similarly, the approach differs depending on when your Amazon Fire tablet was introduced. The methods for installing Fire Toolbox on an older device are quicker and easier than those for a tablet purchased after 2018.

Are you ready to customize your Fire tablet using FTB? Here’s how to get started with the toolbox.

You must be using a Windows PC to run Fire Toolbox. Other operating systems are incompatible with this program (although a Linux version is in development).

Before starting, make sure you have:

  • A fully charged Amazon Fire tablet
  • The data/charging USB cable
  • Fire Toolbox downloaded from XDA

The process for installation is straightforward. You need to

  1. Enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on your tablet
  2. Connect the tablet to your computer via USB. Tap the blue arrow to go to the wifi network selection
  3. Run Fire Toolbox
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However, as previously said, the procedure alters whether you possess a more modern Amazon Fire tablet vs an older device.

Before You Buy a New Amazon Fire Tablet, Do This

If you already own an older Amazon Fire tablet from before 2018, you may skip this section.

When it comes to installing Fire Toolbox, things are a bit different whether your gadget is fresh new or you’re ready to purchase one.

You’re About to Buy a New Amazon Fire Tablet

If you want to purchase a new Amazon Fire tablet, you must first remove it from your Amazon account before adding it to your basket.

To facilitate setup, on the Amazon Fire tablet shop page, behind the Add to Basket button, you should notice a pre-checked box titled Link device to your Amazon account.

This option (ostensibly available for those purchasing tablets to ensure they are not connected to the incorrect account) must be cleared before purchasing the tablet. If you don’t do this, the tablet will start upgrading as soon as it connects to your wifi network, and the steps to enable USB/ADB Debugging (essential for downloading Fire Toolbox) will fail.

Once the gadget has been received, follow these steps to start it up:

  • Select the correct language
  • Select a network, even if you don’t know the password, and then press Cancel. To terminate the setup, tap Skip once more.
  • Open Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet from the launcher/home screen and repeatedly hit Serial Number to access Developer Options
  • Tap Skip setup
  • Tap Back, then open Developer Options and scroll down to USB Debugging.
  • Go to Settings > Device Options. Repeatedly tap Serial Number (or About Fire Tablet)
  • The Developer Options menu option will appear
  • Tap to enable USB Debugging

Assuming you’re running Windows 10 or 11, all you have to do now is download the Fire Toolbox program (see below) and connect your tablet via USB to the PC. Before starting FTB, wait until the device drivers have been installed.

You Already Own a New Amazon Fire Tablet

If you purchased or received an Amazon Fire tablet after 2018, the Fire Toolbox is unlikely to operate. This is due to Amazon altering the way devices are registered, most likely as a result of tools like this and individual hacks.

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Enable ADB on a Pre-2018 Amazon Fire Tablet

Follow these steps so enable ADB:

  1. Locate Enable ADB and toggle the switch to enable
  2. Go to Manage Google Services. Select Hybrid Apps from the options. For the program you want to install, click Download and Install (or both)
  3. Tap Developer Options
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.

Connect the Amazon Fire Tablet to Windows

In most circumstances, connecting the tablet to your Windows PC is sufficient. It is critical that you utilize the tablet’s data and charging cord, or an appropriate substitute. Some wires solely handle electricity, thus the computer will be treated as a power source.

To check that the correct connection is made, enter the Notifications section and search for USB Debugging Connected. If you see that, you’re well on your way to personalizing your Fire tablet using Fire Toolbox.

Switch your focus to your computer after the connection has been established. Navigate to the downloaded Fire Toolbox installer (named FTB Vxx.x Installer.exe, where “xx.x” is the version number). To install Fire Toolbox, double-click it.

After that, open Fire Toolbox and follow the steps to Authorize Your Device. This entails checking your tablet for a connection notice and choosing Always allow from this computer, followed by OK to confirm.

You’ll find it quite simple to make modifications and customizations with Fire Toolbox installed.

Every choice is shown on the main page and is actionable with a few clicks. Steps for doing some popular Fire Toolbox adjustments are provided here.

Remove Lockscreen Apps on Amazon Fire

Select Lockscreen Management to delete the lockscreen applications from a Fire tablet.

Then, choose Remove Lockscreen Ads. Before continue, take a time to read the warning.

If you’re ready to get rid of the advertising, click Execute Tool. Once the advertising are blocked, they will remain so until an Amazon OTA (over-the-air) update restores them. Using Fire Toolbox, however, prevents OTA updates, so you should be good.

The option to install Google Play is another great feature that FTB adds to your Amazon Fire. It also allows you to create and manage accounts, as well as erase the cache and data to free up space.

To install Google Play on the Amazon Fire:

  1. Launch Fire Toolbox
  2. Select Manage Google Services
  3. Select Install Play Services
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After that, choose Add Account to create a new account or login into Google Play on your tablet.

Install Netflix and Disney+

Fire Toolbox also allows you to sideload two popular streaming video applications, Netflix and Disney+, without having to register your Amazon Fire tablet.

This is especially beneficial if you purchased the tablet used and do not want to register it with Amazon.

  1. From the menu, select Hybrid Apps
  2. Click Download and Install for the app you wish to install (or both)
  3. Wait as installation completes

Access Your Fire Tablet Over ADB

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a command line interface that allows remote access to an Android device that is connected. This includes Amazon Fire tablets, which run Fire OS, an Android-based operating system.

Setting up ADB may be time-consuming and irritating at times. However, with Fire Toolbox loaded, ADB is easily accessible.

To use it:

  1. Launch Fire Toolbox
  2. Select ADB Shell

After that, you’ll have command-line access to your Android smartphone. This may be used to view the device’s contents (using conventional Windows command prompt instructions) or to launch scripts. After all, it is what happens in the background whenever you choose a change in Fire Toolbox.

Since its introduction, the Amazon Fire tablets have undergone several modifications. The Fire Toolbox is by far the finest collection of these scripts and hacks for making the Fire tablets more useable. While one or two modifications are generally best ignored, this is the easiest approach to customize your Amazon Fire tablet to your preferences.

You may utilize Fire Toolbox to apply all of these adjustments or just a few of them. It can even help your Amazon Fire tablet seem like vanilla Android. Take the time, though, to check that the methods you want to perform are proper for the Amazon Fire tablet you possess; otherwise, the program will not work on your device.

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