How to Use Discord’s Different Fonts

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How to Use Discord's Different Fonts
How to Use Discord’s Different Fonts

If you use Discord to keep in touch with friends or connect with other gamers, you probably spend hours every day staring at the client. It’s understandable that you’d want to change everything about the UI, even the typefaces. But is it possible to alter the typeface in Discord? Furthermore, what if you wish to use a different typeface in your Discord messages?

Unfortunately, changing typefaces on Discord isn’t as straightforward as picking an option from a dropdown menu. That being said, there are various options to customize the font look on the desktop client, and we’ll go through them all.

How to Change the Font of the Discord Client

There is no natural mechanism to modify the typeface used by Discord across its client. While it’s a feature that many people have been requesting for years, Discord has yet to integrate it. As a result, we’re left with certain solutions for using alternative typefaces on Discord.

There are a few options for customizing the Discord interface and changing the font’s look. To begin, pick Appearance from the left-hand menu by clicking the cog symbol in the lower-left. There are three alternatives available here:

  • Chat font scaling: Adjusts the font size of messages.
  • Changes the distance between message groups; groupings are collections of many messages from the same individual in a row.
  • Change the magnification level of the whole Discord client.

As you adjust them, a preview of the changes appears at the top (except for zoom level, which changes the client immediately). The slider’s green values indicate the default. All of your modifications will be saved automatically.

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Some third-party tools do let you to modify Discord’s typefaces. BetterDiscord is one of them. This is a program that allows you to alter Discord’s CSS, among other things. BetterDiscord should be used with caution. The software, by its own admission, violates Discord’s terms of service. While the site’s FAQ states there is no indication that Discord cares whether you use this tool to change the client, you use it at your own risk.

When typing a message, Discord does not allow you to alter the font. However, you may create the illusion of using a different font by utilizing an external font generator, Markdown to apply formatting such as bold and italic, and changing the font color via the code block.

How to Use a Different Font in a Discord Message

To begin, look for a font generator online. Font Generator Guru, Fancy Text Generator, and Font Space are a few examples. Enter your message into one of these sites, and it will be converted into a number of styles. You may then copy and paste your preferred style into Discord.

1. Use a Font Generator

Because these messages aren’t in a different typeface, Discord supports them. Rather than characters, the generating website matches the letters you provide to a relevant Unicode symbol; your text becomes a string of symbols. It has the look of a typeface, but it is not the same as using an actual font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Comic Sans.

Discord supports Markdown syntax, which allows you to style your messages using italics, bold, underlines, and strikethroughs. The simplest method to use them (except the strikethrough) is to input your message, highlight it, and then choose the appropriate icon from the menu that displays.

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2. Use Markdown to Apply Formatting

You may either type the Markdown manually or use a keyboard shortcut:

As you may assume by now, Discord does not provide an easy method to modify the color of your messages. However, there is a technique to produce colorful fonts using code blocks.

Markdown Shortcut Result
*text* Ctrl + I Italic
**text** Ctrl + B Bold
__text__ Ctrl + U Underline
~~text~~ Ctrl + Shift + S Strikethrough

3. Use Code Blocks to Change the Color

Simply changing the font of your Discord message to Consolas, the typeface used inside Discord’s code blocks, alters the font of your Discord message. However, without some additional wizardry, it does not alter the color of your text.

To send code in Discord, use the following template:

Your text here

Discord allows modifiers after the first three backticks to define the programming language of the code you’re composing. Discord colors certain code components to aid with readability. You may take advantage of this by coloring whole messages rather than just code components.

We’ll list the font colors and the code you’ll need to enter to get them below.

This syntax is clearly not intuitive or easy to memorize. As a result, utilize a tool like Discord Colored Text Generator to rapidly generate the necessary code and transfer it to your clipboard.

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[Your text here]```


- Your text here


Your text here


+ Your text here


"Your text here"


[Your text here]```

The disadvantage of this strategy is that it places your message in a gray box, which isn’t particularly visually pleasant, however you may like how it helps your message stand out. Furthermore, and probably most vexingly, the code does not change color on mobile—only those using Discord on desktop may benefit from it.

As you can see, using multiple typefaces on Discord is not easy. However, you may customize the look of your messages by using a font generator, Markdown, and Discord’s programming syntax.

Take Your Discord Experience Up a Notch

Because Discord is always changing, maybe the development team will surprise us in the future by adding the option to easily alter the Discord typeface. Until then, make sure you’ve explored every nook and corner of Discord to guarantee you’ve discovered all of its secrets.

Discord is constantly evolving, so perhaps the development team will surprise us in the future and add the ability to change the Discord font with ease. Until then, don’t forget to poke around every nook and cranny of Discord to ensure you’ve uncovered all its secrets.

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