How to Use Apple Pay on Your iPhone to Pay Someone

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How to Use Apple Pay on Your iPhone to Pay Someone
How to Use Apple Pay on Your iPhone to Pay Someone

Because so many individuals own an iPhone, transferring money or requesting cash through Apple Pay might be handy. But how do you use Apple Pay to pay someone?

If you’ve never sent a payment this way before, it might be perplexing. However, once configured, subsequent payments and payment requests are simple. If you’ve never used Apple Pay before, this article will teach you how.

It should be noted that Apple Pay may only be used to pay friends and family members in the United States.

1. Make Sure You Have Apple Wallet Installed

You must have the Apple Wallet software loaded on your iOS smartphone to utilize Apple Pay. After the release of iOS 10, it became possible to uninstall preloaded Apple applications, including the Apple Wallet. Many consumers unintentionally delete the wallet app from their cellphone before using it.

We’ve all heard about preloaded applications that we never use, but this one is truly useful and can make payments simple.

If you uninstalled the Wallet app, you may reinstall it from the App Store. It is also worth noting that Apple Pay can only be used to transmit money to other Apple customers who have the Wallet app installed.

Download: Apple Wallet (Free)

2. Add Your Payment Method

You must have a payment method in your account in order to use Apple Pay. Fortunately, adding a payment option is simple.

You’ll see a black circle with a plus (+) symbol once you’re in the Wallet app. To add additional payment methods, tap this. Tap Continue to add a new card after you’ve arrived. The Apple Wallet software enables you to swiftly scan a debit or credit card and it will instantly enter the information, eliminating the need to key out each number manually.

You may also apply for the Apple Card using the app. Goldman Sachs’ Apple Card is a credit card with a variable interest rate. To apply, you must have decent credit, and some fair credit scores are acceptable.

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3. Pay Merchants With Apple Pay

You’re ready to start paying merchants after you’ve added a payment method or two. Apple Pay is accepted by a wide range of retailers, including vending machines. You may instantly pay using your phone instead of pulling out a card.

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Simply double-tap the Side button on your iPhone near any Apple Pay reader device to pay a retailer with Apple Pay. This will bring up all of your Apple Pay cards. You may move the card you wish to use to the top of the list by selecting it.

You will then be prompted to confirm your payment, and after the money has been made, you will hear a ding.

If double-clicking the side button does not function for you, make sure this option is turned on. To activate it, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and check the box next to Double-Click Side Button.

4. Set Up Apple Cash to Pay Someone With Apple Pay

You may use Apple Pay to transfer money to your friends and family! It is critical to highlight that they must be in the United States and have an Apple Wallet. Apple Wallet presently does not allow you to transfer money to other bank accounts or payment applications (such as CashApp or Venmo).

You may transfer money to friends and family using the Messages app.

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However, in order to get this option, you must first set up Apple Cash. This functions as a cash wallet inside your Apple Wallet. You may use Apple Pay to fund this wallet as well as receive payments made to you by others. Please keep in mind that all receivers of your payments will also need Apple Cash.

Go to the Wallet app to get started with Apple Cash. You’ll notice a black card with the word Cash on it on the Wallet app. Set up your Apple Cash account by tapping here. In most circumstances, this takes less than a minute. You just need to confirm a few basic details.

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5. Send a Payment to Someone With Apple Cash

Now that everything is in place, you may begin sending and receiving money. There are no more options to configure, and everything should be operational from here on out.

To begin sending and receiving funds, just utilize iMessage. Tap on the person you wish to pay in the Messages app. An Apple Pay symbol will appear on top of the keyboard. Select that, and you may use an iMessage to request or pay money.

You may enter the price you wish to send or request and send it like you would any other message. The recipient will be alerted once this is sent. If there is a problem, you will be told and the payment or request will be canceled, so you will have nothing to worry about.

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Those who own an Apple Watch may also use it to request and transfer payments. Simply open the messaging app on your watch and tap the Apple Pay symbol. You may access this setting by swiping on the Messages app; once configured, it will appear in the same location as all other Messages choices.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to set up Apple Pay on your watch at this time, therefore you will need to do it on your iPhone or iPad.

For those who use Siri regularly, you may utilize it to transfer or request money fast and hands-free. Simply say, “Siri, send [contact name] $5,” and it will validate your payment before sending it. Money requests are no different.

6. Withdraw Your Cash

You may withdraw your Apple Cash to any bank account via the Apple Wallet app, or keep it in the app for when you need to transfer it to someone else. After all, Apple Cash, like any other bank, is FDIC insured, therefore it is safe to retain some cash there.

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Go to the Apple Wallet app to withdraw your cash. Scroll down and touch on the black Apple Cash card after you’ve arrived. Your Apple Cash balance will be shown here. If you want to exit, press the three-dot circle in the top right-hand corner.

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These are your Apple Cash preferences. On this screen, there is a setting labeled Bank Account. Enter your routing and account number here to add your bank account.

Once you’ve entered a bank account and everything is validated, go to the top of the Apple Cash settings and click Transfer to Bank. Enter the amount to be transferred and click Next to proceed. Depending on your bank, this procedure might take one to three days.

Apple Pay Made Easy

Once you’ve set up your Apple Wallet, you may effortlessly send money to people using iMessage if they also use iMessage and live in the United States. Money may now be sent to friends or requested during text chats. If you get money, withdrawing it to your bank account allows you to spend it outside of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a really handy technology that is becoming more widely adopted throughout the globe, and enabling it today may make life simpler in the future.

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