How to Uninstall Hotmail or Outlook Email

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How to Uninstall Hotmail or Outlook Email
How to Uninstall Hotmail or Outlook Email

There comes a moment in every email address’s existence when it has to be retired. Perhaps it’s been inundated with spam, has an unprofessional username, or you’ve just chosen to transfer to a different email service.

But how does one go about deleting an Outlook email address? And how can you get rid of a Hotmail account? What is the procedure for deleting an address with any of the two providers? Continue reading to find out more!

How to Delete Your Outlook or Hotmail Account

Microsoft owns and operates both Outlook and Hotmail. If you have an email account with either service, it is closely tied to the rest of your Microsoft account profile. As a result, cancelling your Outlook or Hotmail account will also result in the deletion of your Microsoft account.

That may not be smart or practical depending on your use case. Many other services, such as Windows, Xbox Live, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft To-Do, depend on your Microsoft account. If you don’t utilize many of Microsoft’s other services but still wish to deactivate your account, go as follows:

  1. Enter your login information at
  2. At the top of the page, choose the Your Info tab. Scroll down to the section titled Help with Microsoft Account.
  3. Navigate to the How to Close Your Account section.
  4. Select whether Microsoft should keep your data for 30 or 60 days.
  5. Go through all of the security confirmations.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Make a new email alias in Outlook.

After completing the procedure, you may revive your account by logging in with the same credentials for 30/60 days. If you need more information, we’ve written extensively on how to remove your Microsoft account. Among other things, the post explains how to remove a Microsoft account on Windows.

How to Delete Outlook or Hotmail Email Addresses

You’ve determined that canceling your whole Microsoft account isn’t the best option. But what other alternatives do you have? Fortunately, Outlook’s alias support means you still have options. To continue, do the following steps: You must first establish a new Outlook email account before you can worry about how to remove your old one. It will be associated with the same Microsoft account as your present address. To begin, open the Outlook online app, click the Gear symbol in the top right-hand corner, and then choose View All Outlook Settings.

  1. Modify your sign-in preferences.
  2. Modify your account’s main email address.
  3. Remove the previous email address. You cannot remove your Outlook or Hotmail account unless you also delete your Microsoft account.
  4. Before you may erase your previous email address, you must first register a new email alias and make it your main address.
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1. Create a New Outlook Email Address

Navigate to Email > Sync Email > Email Aliases > Manage or choose a main alias in the new window. Your web browser will launch. By clicking on Add email, you may create a new alias.

You now have two choices: establish a totally new email address or add an existing email address from another Microsoft Account to your Outlook mailbox. If you want to combine your old Hotmail account with your current Outlook email address, the latter option is ideal.

After you’ve completed all of the necessary information, click the Add Alias button. The newly created Outlook email address is now operational. You may use it right now to send and receive emails.

Your previous email address will still be used as a login for your other Microsoft programs and services; you won’t be able to completely forget about it.

You may resolve this problem by specifying which of your Outlook email addresses have sign-in privileges on your account. When seeing your list of aliases, at the bottom of the page, click Change sign-in settings to make changes. Check the boxes next to the accounts you want to provide access to, then click Save when you’re finished.

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2. Change Sign-In Preferences on Outlook

Please keep in mind that you cannot modify the sign-in settings for your main Outlook account.

You cannot delete your Outlook or Hotmail address unless you first remove its position as the main address on your account. Return to Email > Sync Email > Email Aliases > Manage to remove your previous email’s privileges, or choose a main alias in Outlook’s Settings menu.

On the screen, it will provide a list of all your email addresses. Identify the newly established address, then click the associated Make Primary button and accept the on-screen confirmation.

3. Change the Primary Email Address

You are now ready to remove your previous Outlook email address after establishing an email alias and making it (or one of your other aliases) your main address on your Microsoft account. Remember that completing this procedure leaves the underlying Microsoft account untouched.

Open the Outlook or Hotmail online interface once again and go to Email > Sync Email > Email Aliases > Manage or choose a main alias in the Settings menu.

4. Delete the Old Outlook Email Address

Locate the Outlook email address to be deleted in the list, then click the Remove button and accept the on-screen confirmation.

Warning: If you delete your old email, you will no longer be able to receive messages at that address. Make sure to update any organizations, applications, or services that utilize your old email address as a point of contact with your new email address. Failure to inform the services may result in your accounts being locked out.

We understand that it’s all a little perplexing (it’s almost as if Microsoft doesn’t want you to remove your account), so let’s go through the basics.

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Overall, unless you’re seeking to actively cleanse your online presence, we’d advise against deleting your account totally. Because creating a new Microsoft account is free, it makes more sense to simply put your old account in hibernation and start again.

How to Delete an Outlook Account (And Should You?)

The procedure for deleting a Hotmail or Outlook account is straightforward. However, you must evaluate the possible repercussions for other Microsoft services that you use.

  • When you remove an email address, you lose access to it.
  • To delete your old email address, you first need to create a new email alias and make it your account’s primary address.
  • If you delete an email address, you will no longer have access to it.

It is up to you if you want to delete your Hotmail or Outlook account now that you know how. However, until absolutely necessary, you may wish to rethink.

Consider a Few Things First Before Deleting Your Outlook Account

If you want to delete a Hotmail or Outlook account, the process is relatively simple. However, you need to consider the potential implications it may have on other Microsoft services you use.

Now that you know how to delete a Hotmail account or your Outlook account, it’s up to you if you wish to follow through. But unless you absolutely have to, you might want to reconsider doing so.

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