How to Track and Find the Location of Your Phone

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How to Track and Find the Location of Your Phone
How to Track and Find the Location of Your Phone

There are several methods for tracking the position of a smartphone. Location tracking services are incorporated into both Android and iPhone handsets. These services are available as long as the phone’s GPS location services are enabled and the owner has allowed an app permission to access this data.

These location-tracking services may be used to discover my phone’s position in the following ways.

How Can I Find My Phone Location by Number?

Many folks wish they could locate my phone by number. Unfortunately, there is no app that can tell you where a phone is based just on its phone number. Any software that purports to do so on the Google Play Store is a fraud.

The only method to track the position of a mobile phone is to install and use software on that phone. The phone owner must grant the program access to use the phone’s location services.

Find an Android Phone via Google’s Find My Device

Finding your Android phone’s location couldn’t be simpler. As long as your Android smartphone has location services enabled, you may use Google’s Find My Device website as a Google phone tracker to find out where your phone is.

When you do, Google Maps will display a pinpoint of your phone’s exact GPS position, denoted by a little green symbol.

To the left of the map, you’ll find three services that you may utilize if you don’t have your phone with you:

  • Play Play: Even if the volume is set to mute, your phone will sound the alarm for five minutes. You should be able to hear the phone if it is anywhere near you.
  • Secure Device: If you know your phone has been stolen, you can lock it so no one can access it. This option still allows you to find your device and, even better, it allows you to display a phone number for someone to contact if they come across your device.
  • Wipe Device: If all else fails, you can remotely erase everything on your device.
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It’s a good idea to double-check that you’ve enabled location services on your phone and given Google permission to track your phone’s position. Go to Settings > Google to do so. To enable tracking, go to Find My Device and turn it on. However, Find My Device is usually enabled as long as you have a Google account linked to your phone.

Furthermore, in order for Find My Device to function, your phone must be powered on, connected to the internet, Find My Device activated, and accessible on Google Play.

If you ever lose your phone, you may instantly use one of these tools to secure your data.

Find an iPhone via Apple’s Find My iPhone

You may use Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to trace the whereabouts of an iPhone.

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For this to operate, your iPhone must have location services enabled, just like an Android phone. If you do, you may track your iPhone in the same manner by logging into iCloud from a computer or another device. It makes it simple to locate your iPhone using an Android smartphone.

This service is fantastic since it significantly enhances the possibility of a user being reunited with his or her lost iPhone; if you recover a lost iPhone, you, too, may become a success story like this.

If Find My iPhone is unable to find your iPhone, Offline will appear instantly beneath the device name. Find My iPhone will then show the last known location for up to 24 hours. Select Notify me when discovered so that Apple may send you an email if your iPhone is located.

Share Your Location on Google Maps

Another fun option to let your family or friends track your phone’s whereabouts is to share your location using Google Maps, which is one of Maps’ finest features.

When you open Google Maps and press on your own symbol in the search bar, a Location sharing option will appear in the list. To share your position and the amount of battery life remaining in your phone with anybody on your Contacts list, or with another app or nearby device, press the blue Share location button.

You may opt to do so for a certain period of time, such as one hour, or forever until you disable the function yourself.

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This is a fantastic approach for a parent to bring peace of mind to their family while they are away for whatever reason. It’s also a terrific method for parents to follow their child’s whereabouts while they’re out and about. The location-sharing function of Google Maps allows you to utilize your Android phone as a GPS tracking device.

Location Access on Mobile Devices Is Awesome for Many Reasons

Whether you use Google or another phone-finding tool, it is now simpler than ever to locate a phone. There’s no reason you should ever be in the dark regarding the whereabouts of a crucial gadget, even loved ones’ phones.

When you sample one of them, the sensation might be addicting. What is the current location of my phone? So… how about now? Your phone’s present position has never been more exciting. We strongly suggest it for determining the location of a mobile phone on your own soil.

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