How to Stop YouTube Channels from Showing Up in Your Feed

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How to Stop YouTube Channels from Showing Up in Your Feed
How to Stop YouTube Channels from Showing Up in Your Feed

How to Block YouTube Channels From Appearing in Your Feed

Some YouTube channels are just unworthy of your time. Here’s how to ban a YouTube channel so you don’t have to watch it again.

There are several YouTube channels that you should never watch. Perhaps they provide low-quality, clickbait material, or the creator’s viewpoints differ from yours. In any event, you should not allow channels that you do not want to watch to fill your YouTube stream.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to ban YouTube channels on any device.

How to Block a YouTube Channel

As a viewer, you cannot, strictly speaking, “block” a YouTube channel in the normal internet sense. You may easily disable its appearance in your recommendations and feed. This does not prevent you from viewing the channel elsewhere, such as in search results or on other sites.

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When you ban a YouTube channel, it affects your YouTube recommendations at the account level. This implies that if you ban a channel on your desktop, it will be instantly blocked on your mobile.

Nobody else will be aware that you have blocked a channel. This includes the channel owner, who receives no notice and sees nothing in their analytics or on your channel (if you have one).

Follow the steps below to restrict a YouTube channel. These are applicable to both the desktop and mobile versions of the YouTube app.

  1. On the YouTube homepage, find a video from a channel that you want to block. Hover over the video if you’re on desktop. This isn’t necessary on mobile. Choose the three vertical dots.
  2. Select Don’t recommend channel. If you made a mistake, choose Undo.
  3. Open your Google My Activity page.
  4. Select Other Google activity from the left option.
  5. Click Delete under the YouTube ‘Not interested’ response.
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How to Unblock a YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, you cannot individually unblock a channel unless you choose Undo immediately after blocking it. It’s either all or nothing. You can’t even view a list of the channels you’ve blocked.

As such, to completely unblock all channels:

  1. Click Delete once again to confirm.
  2. On the left menu, click Other Google activity.
  3. Beneath YouTube ‘Not interested’ feedback, click Delete.
  4. Click Delete again to confirm.

Keep Your Focus on YouTube Channels You Enjoy

YouTube’s recommendation system gets a lot of things right, but it also gets some things wrong. When you view one video from a channel, you’re bombarded with suggestions for others. What if you didn’t like it? Cut the noise out, block the channel, and improve your YouTube experience tenfold.

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