How to Sign Up for a PlayStation Network Account

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How to Sign Up for a PlayStation Network Account
How to Sign Up for a PlayStation Network Account

You should have a PlayStation Network account if you own a PlayStation. While you don’t need one to play games on a PS4 or PS5, you will lose out on a lot of things if you don’t have one. So, here’s how to set up a new PlayStation Network account on the web, on a PS4, or on a PS5.

You may create a PlayStation Network account using your web browser, making it quicker to enter in a password. Go to Sony’s Account Management page and choose Create New Account.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on the Web

To begin the process, click Create on the following page. You must first provide your date of birth—make sure you input it accurately, since this information is occasionally required for security reasons.

Then, choose your country/region. You may choose numerous languages for certain nations.

You must now provide an email address as your Sign-In ID and a Password. Check that this is a genuine email address since you’ll need it if you forget your password. You should also select a strong password for your PSN account.

Consider utilizing a password manager to set and save a safe password—just keep in mind that you’ll need to enter it in on the awkward keyboard on your PlayStation system to log in.

Depending on the area you choose before, you may be required to provide your state, province, postal code, or anything similar. This is used by PlayStation to compute sales taxes, authenticate your identity, and for other purposes.

Following that, you must choose an online ID. This is your username, which other people see when you play games, send messages, and do other things. Enter your chosen ID—some ideas are provided below, although they’re fairly ridiculous. Make sure you like your ID; although you may alter it later, it will cost you money.

Choosing an Online ID and Marketing Preferences

You must also provide your true name. You may submit real-name requests on PlayStation Network in addition to this appearing in PlayStation emails. They display a friend’s full name along with their username, making it simpler to keep track of who’s who on your friends list.

When you click Next, the system will check to see whether the ID you selected is still accessible. If it isn’t, you’ll have to experiment with other IDs until you discover one that isn’t in use. Spaces are not permitted in PlayStation Network IDs.

Finally, you may choose whether you wish to receive emails about PlayStation news or share your information with marketing partners by checking a few boxes. If you like, go over the agreements and conditions before clicking Agree and Create Account to complete your PSN account.

“The account was successfully established,” you’ll notice; click OK to proceed. This will take you to a new page where you may add additional information to your account. After you click Next, you’ll see a few checkboxes where you may choose the amount of personalisation on your account.

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Finalizing Your PSN Account

Personalized Purchase Recommendations will provide more relevant PlayStation Store recommendations. Personalized Advertising, like other settings on the web, leverages your browser data to offer more relevant advertising.

You’ll be prompted to verify your email address once you confirm this. Open your email inbox and click the Verify Now option in the Sony or PlayStation email. Once completed, choose Already Verified on this page. If you don’t get the email, click the links below to resend it or change your sign-in address. Check your spam folder as well.

Your PlayStation account is finished! You may now use it to log in to both your PlayStation console and the web interface. The majority of the processes for establishing a PSN account on your console are the same as described above. We won’t go into as much depth here to prevent redundancy.

If you already have a PS4 user profile but haven’t signed into PlayStation Network, go to Settings > Account Management > Sign In to PlayStation Network.

Skip down to the “PSN Account Creation Steps” heading below from here.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on a PS4

Hold the PS button on your controller to activate the Quick Menu if you wish to create another user profile on your PS4 to connect to your new PSN account. To exit your current user profile, click Power > Log Out of PS4 from the menu.

To reconnect your controller, press the PS button, then choose New User from the ensuing menu. To create a new permanent profile on your PS4, choose Create a User. Accept the terms of service, then choose Next when prompted by the PlayStation Network.

Now, choose Are you new to the PlayStation Network? To create an account and link it to your PS4 user profile, click Create an Account at the bottom, followed by Sign Up Now.

On the first screen, you must input your area, language, and birth date. Following that, you may be required to input regional information such as your postal code and state.

Next, you must enter your email address and create a password. The boxes for alerts and marketing reasons also display here.

Following that, your PS4 will prompt you to create an avatar for your account. There are other alternatives available, so choose your favorite; you can always change your mind afterwards.

PSN Account Creation Steps on PS4

Following that, you must create an Online ID and input your name. Remember to choose a username that you like since you will have to pay to alter it later. If your preferred name is not available, you will be notified.

On the following pages, you may adjust your account’s privacy settings, such as who can see what games you’ve played, who can send you friend requests and messages, and so on. For additional information, see our guide to managing your PS4’s content. Accept the use conditions, and you’ll get a notification indicating that your account was successfully created. The last step is to validate your email; click the link in the PlayStation email, then choose Already Verified on your machine.

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Next, you’ll find instructions for uploading a cover picture to your PlayStation profile, followed by choices for enabling two-step verification. For assistance, see our guide on configuring two-step authentication on PSN.

PlayStation will then prompt you to provide your cell phone number, which will allow you to access your account if you forget your password. You should provide this in order to prevent being locked out of your account. After that, you’ll see an ad for PlayStation Plus, which you may avoid by using the circle button. You’ll then be prompted to set up parental restrictions, which you may ignore if you don’t need them.

Your PlayStation will then indicate that you have been added to the system. You can add your face to make login simpler if you have a PlayStation Camera, however this is optional.

Configuring Your Account Privacy and Finalizing on PS4

Do you own a PlayStation 5 and need to set up a new PSN account? If you wish to create a new PSN account using your existing PS5 profile, go to the top-right corner of the home screen and click Profile.

To begin, choose Sign In, followed by Create an Account on the subsequent page. Now, scroll down to the “PSN Account Creation Steps on PS5” section.

To create a new user account on your PS5 for the new PSN account, go to the top-right corner of the home screen and click Log Out. To reconnect your controller, press the PS button and then choose Add User.

Choose Get Started on the left side of the following list of choices to establish a permanent account. Accept the terms of service and then click Confirm. To continue, choose Create an Account on the left side of the following screen. Enter your birthdate to begin the account creation process, then confirm your country and language.

Enter your email address and a secure password for your PSN account next. Enter your true name on the following page and choose if you wish to receive alerts and share your information for marketing reasons.

Next, input your home address. The City and State should fill up automatically when you input the Postal code.

After all this, your account is finally complete.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on a PS5

Next, choose an avatar from the available selections for your profile. You must next choose your online ID, ensuring that it is accessible. If you want, you may enter your own option or select one of the choices.

Choose a privacy profile from the options on the next page. Read the overview of choices, then choose Apply to use the preset as is or Review and Customize to make changes. Select Customize Settings to adjust them all manually for greater flexibility.

Next, decide whether you want to share full gameplay data with PlayStation or only a subset of it. Following that, you must decide if you want tailored shop suggestions and advertising.

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Moving on, review the PSN terms and rules, then check the box and click Confirm to proceed. Then, in the message PlayStation provides you, click the option to validate your email address. After that, on your console, choose Already Verified.

PSN Account Creation Steps on PS5

Following that, you’ll see some instructions for safeguarding your account on your PS5, as well as a request to activate 2FA on your account. You’re all ready to utilize your new PSN account on your PS5 after finally inputting your phone number to your account.

That’s all you need to do to set up a PSN account on the web, your PS4, or your PS5. They’re simple to set up, whether you want to create a new account for a new user or just never signed up when you bought your console.

Next, enter your home location info. Once you enter the Postal code, the City and State should fill automatically.

Next, choose an avatar for your profile from the available options. You’ll then need to pick your online ID, making sure it’s available. Enter your choice or use one of the suggestions, if you want.

Privacy, Data Sharing, and Confirmation

On the next page, pick a privacy profile from the choices. Read the summary of options, then choose Apply to use it as-is or Review and Customize to tweak the preset. For more control, pick Customize Settings to set them all manually.

Next, choose if you want to share all gameplay data with PlayStation, or only limited data. After this, you’ll need to select if you want personalized store recommendations and advertising.

Moving on, read over the terms and policies for using PSN, then check the box and hit Confirm to continue. Then you’ll need to verify your email address by clicking the button in the message PlayStation sends. Once that’s done, choose Already Verified on your console.

Next you’ll see some guidance about securing the account on your PS5, along with a prompt to enable 2FA on your account. After finally adding your phone number to your account, you’re all set to use your new PSN account on your PS5.

Now You Have a PlayStation Network Account!

That’s all you need to create a PSN account on the web, on your PS4, and on your PS5. Whether want to make a new account for a new user or just never signed up when you got your console, they’re easy to set up.

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