How to Shut Down Apps on an Apple TV

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How to Shut Down Apps on an Apple TV
How to Shut Down Apps on an Apple TV

A faulty software or a faulty game might cause your Apple TV to become slow or unresponsive. In such cases, closing and relaunching an app may be beneficial. Here’s how to forcibly quit or shut applications on an Apple TV.

How Closing Apps on Apple TV Works

The Apple TV app switcher, which displays when you double-click the Home button or slide up from the bottom of the screen, functions similarly to the app switcher on an iPhone.

Like the iPhone, you should only have to dismiss an app on your Apple TV if it freezes or stops operating correctly. You don’t need to shut background programs for any other reason: they don’t use power and it’s not harmful to leave them running indefinitely.

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Follow this step-by-step instruction to discover how to launch and utilize the Apple TV app switcher to close any troublesome applications.

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How to Close Apps on Your Apple TV

Double-press the Siri Remote’s TV button to access the app switcher. On the new Siri Remote that comes with the second-generation Apple TV 4K, the dedicated TV button is directly next to the Back button (model year 2021). The TV button is located adjacent to the Menu button on earlier remotes.

The app switcher shows a row of big thumbnails representing each open app, making it simple to navigate between frequently used applications without returning to the home screen.

Swipe horizontally to move the app you want to shut into the middle of the screen, then swipe up on the touch-sensitive surface of the Siri Remote to push it off the top of the screen. This causes the highlighted program to terminate, removing it from memory and freeing up system resources.

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To use this app again, just start it from the Home Screen as usual.

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Press the Back button on the new Siri Remote or the Menu button on the previous Siri Remote device to exit the app switcher.

When Should You Close Apple TV Apps?

Try not to get into the habit of swiping away all of the applications in the app switcher. The tvOS operating system dynamically manages memory, ensuring that programs function efficiently in the background. Certain circumstances, however, may necessitate the destruction of an app. Close and re-opening the Netflix app, for example, might be a fast repair if it stalls or stops operating correctly.

In the background, one of your open applications may cause your Apple TV to slow down. In such situation, you may wish to remove all of the applications from the multitasking app switcher. Furthermore, some users may wish to close certain applications for privacy reasons. For example, I always shut the Candy Crush app after I’m done playing so that my significant other doesn’t realize I’ve been trading colorful pieces of virtual candy all night.

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