How to Send a Group Text Message in Android

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How to Send a Group Text Message in Android
How to Send a Group Text Message in Android

Group texts are a quick, inexpensive, and dependable method to deliver the same message to several individuals at the same time. For example, if you are hosting a party and want to tell all of the invitees, sending them a single group SMS might save you time and perhaps money on phone expenses.

Here’s how to create and send group messages in Google Messages and on a Samsung phone.

How to Send Group Messages on Android Using the Google Messages App

Google Messages is the default text messaging program on many Android phones, and it is very quick and highly customisable. Here’s how to use the app to send a group SMS.

  1. If you don’t already have it, install Google Messages. It’s completely free.
  2. Launch the app and press the Start chat button to access the New discussion screen.
  3. To launch the New group discussion screen, tap Create group.
  4. Enter the names of the individuals you wish to add to your group and click the checkbox when they appear. Your most frequently used contacts may also be promoted at the top. If a contact has several stored phone numbers, choose the one you want from the list.
  5. Tap Next again, then enter a group name in the Add group name menu.
    • To leave the group unidentified, choose Skip instead.
  6. Fill up the blanks with your message. If you are prompted to validate your phone number, enter it and press OK. Your message has been sent to the group.

Sending a group SMS message won’t always function until you activate the group MMS option in the Messages app. To do so, launch the Messages app and pick Settings from the three-dot menu. Then, under Group messaging, click to Advanced and activate MMS.

To avoid receiving alerts every time a member of the group answers, you may need to enable Auto-retrieve (or Auto-download MMS on certain devices). For a more feature-rich texting experience, you may also look at the top free Android messaging apps.

How to Create Groups and Send Group Messages on Samsung Phones

If you have a Samsung phone and prefer Samsung Messages over Google Messages, you can form groups using the Contacts app and then bulk SMS them afterwards.

To send a text message to a group, we must first form a group to contact. Take the following steps:

  1. Launch the Samsung Contacts app, then pick Groups from the hamburger menu.
  2. Press Create group, provide a name for the group, and then tap Add member.
  3. From the list, locate and choose your selected contacts. If you add the incorrect contact by mistake, hit the red minus symbol next to the name to delete the contact from the group. To complete, tap Done.
  4. You may also assign a different ringtone to each group by selecting Group ringtone.
  5. Once done, tap Save.

How to Send a Group Text on Samsung Phones

To send a text message to a group straight from the Samsung Messages app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Samsung Messages app and choose the Compose new message option.
  2. Tap the Add (+) symbol in the Recipient box, then tap Groups.
  3. Choose your selected group, then touch All and Done. Using the Add (+) icon, you may subsequently add or delete members from this group.
  4. Type and send your text message.

Group messages may also be sent using the Samsung Contacts app. Take the following steps:

  1. Launch the Samsung Contacts app, then pick Groups from the hamburger menu.
  2. Choose your preferred group, then press the three-dot menu and choose Send message.
  3. Type and send your text message.

Because group texting employs the SMS protocol, only the group founders will get responses from recipients. If you want answers to a group chat to be sent to all receivers, you need enable MMS.

Also, regardless of whether you’re using Google Messages or Samsung Messages, you can only group text up to 20 people at a time. If your group has a larger number of members, you may choose one of these group chat applications for Android.

If you want to send messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients, see our list of the best Android applications for bulk SMS messaging.

Is Group Texting Still Relevant Today?

Absolutely! When it comes to group messaging, several applications are available, but they may need an internet connection to function. This is in contrast to Google Messages and other SMS applications, which do not need a data connection in order to send group messages.

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