How to Sell Secondhand Books on Amazon

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How to Sell Secondhand Books on Amazon
How to Sell Secondhand Books on Amazon

Consider selling your books on Amazon if you want to become a book reseller or just have a bunch of them laying around. It’s a simple method to give away fantastic books while still making a profit.

Signing up as an Amazon seller requires a few procedures and is subject to restrictions, so don’t walk in blind. Before you join Amazon’s marketplace and start selling your used books, learn all there is to know.

Learn What You Need to Sell Your Used Books on Amazon

To begin, you must open an Amazon Seller account as either person or professional. Because you’re starting a company, you should take every step to keep your Amazon account safe.

If you’re already a customer, you may use that information to begin the process. Otherwise, provide your company’s or another email address. It’s simple to make changes afterwards, like altering your Amazon account’s email address.

To sell on Amazon, you also need:

  • A credit card that may be charged and used for foreign transactions. A type of identity, such as a passport or government ID.
  • A bank account to collect your Amazon earnings.
  • Your tax information.
  • A 5% incentive when you hit $1 million in branded sales or after one year in the program.
  • A phone number.

You should also take notice of certain basic practices for reselling secondhand books. To begin, look at how your stock ranks on Amazon. A best-seller, for example, will sell more quickly than a less popular one.

Additionally, be truthful about the condition of the books you advertise on Amazon and price them properly. A scuffed-up book won’t bother an avid reader as long as it’s legible—and they know precisely what they’re paying for.

Follow Amazon’s book-selling guidance for the best possible experience for you and your customers. You’ll discover what you can sell on the platform, how to operate a successful eCommerce company, and much more.

Plan Your Budget for Selling Books on Amazon

The cost of your Amazon company is determined by how serious you are about reselling books. There are two major plans, one for casual merchants and one for professional sellers, as well as extra costs.

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The Cost of Amazon Seller Plans

You may register as an Individual if you just want to get rid of a few books at a time and aren’t interested in advertising, reporting, or other sophisticated services. This costs $0.99 per sold item.

The Professional plan costs $39.99 per month and includes a slew of useful tools for growing your company, such as top positions on product pages, API connectivity, and multiple user possibilities.

Both plans contain extra selling costs that vary based on the items and options you choose. The referral fee for media products, such as books and music, is 15%, but Amazon additionally imposes a closing fee of $1.80 each item sold. For further information, see Amazon’s price guide.

Also, research fulfillment alternatives and expenses. If you want Amazon to handle everything, including customer support, stock storage and delivery, and returns, it may cost you between $2.35 and $3.59 each little item sold. If you provide this service and sell books at the same time, you may encounter additional expenses, such as $5 for each book rental. If you request a refund, Amazon will reimburse your referral money less an administrative charge equal to the lesser of $5 or 20% of the referral fee.

Finally, books shouldn’t break the bank, but do your homework and acquire a solid idea of your entire expenditures each sale or month. A basic budget tracker in Notion or any other program of your choosing might also be really beneficial.

Because Amazon wants sellers to enjoy using its platform as much as buyers do, there are a variety of programs and advantages available to assist you in effectively launching your company and becoming acquainted with this online marketplace. Here are a few of my favorites.

Claim Incentives for Amazon Sellers

When you sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry, you have access to three schemes:

There are other benefits to adopting Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), such as:

  • $200 for participating in Amazon Vine, where you provide free items to trustworthy reviewers in order for them to continue assisting other consumers in making educated purchases.
  • $100 for taking part in Amazon Transparency, a program that assures legitimate transactions while also protecting your company and consumers.
  • Enrollment in FBA New Selection, which may provide you with free monthly storage, liquidation of unwanted merchandise, and return processing. If you utilize Amazon Global Logistics, you will be charged $200 in fulfillment costs.
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As a used book seller, you may not need all of these programs, but it is important to understand how Amazon might improve your money, exposure, and selling operations.

  • $100 in shipping charges via the Amazon Partnered Carrier program. For listing things as Sponsored Products, you will get $50 in promotional clicks.
  • $200 in fulfillment fees if you use Amazon Global Logistics.
  • $100 in shipping fees under the Amazon Partnered Carrier program.
  • $50 in promotional clicks for listing items as Sponsored Products.

When you add used books to Amazon’s listing, you include information such as the ISBN, title, number of copies, and condition. You may also adjust your delivery preferences here. Will you pack and ship the book, or will Amazon do so?

List and Price Your Used Books

At this point, you should also decide on a suitable pricing for your used book. You can observe what other sellers do, which is much more effective if you understand how to utilize Amazon’s advanced search option.

Alternatively, take use of Amazon’s Automated Pricing Tool and Match Low Price function, which are accessible on your seller account along with other services.

Use Amazon Advertising to promote your items, which includes video and audio adverts, places on sponsored product and brand lists, and bespoke advertising campaigns.

While Amazon will advertise your used books on its platform, you may promote them on your social networks or website; such assets and techniques are vital if you’re beginning a book resale company. If you use the FBA method, you must plan, pack, and ship your merchandise to an Amazon Fulfillment Center appropriately. Books will just need cartons and labeling.

If you choose the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) option and handle everything yourself, you’ll need to keep an eye on your seller account and be quick to respond to orders. Printing Amazon packing slips, packaging your used books, mailing them, and verifying each purchase are all part of the process.

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Prepare for Shipping, Returns, and Refunds of Used Books

You’ll also be in control of any consumer returns, which you’ll usually have to repay. So, don’t offer book purchasers any cause to reject the things you send them, such as lying about their condition.

Amazon is an excellent location to open up business with your supply of used books. You receive a super-efficient seller account as well as a plethora of tools to assist you in listing, promoting, and delivering your things. However, for secondhand book dealers, there are alternatives to Amazon. You can operate everything from your computer and smartphone for a client base of any size and needs, depending on how large you want your company to be. Simply keep looking at your choices.

You’ll also be in charge of any returns that customers request, which you typically need to refund, too. So, make sure you don’t give book buyers any reason to reject the items you send them, for example, by lying about their condition.

Learn How to Sell Used Books Beyond Amazon

Amazon is a great place to set up shop with your stock of second-hand books. You get a super-efficient seller account and lots of tools to help you list, promote, and deliver your items.

But there are alternatives to Amazon for used book resellers. Depending on how big you want your business to be, you can run everything from your computer and smartphone for a customer base of any size and requirements. Just keep exploring your options.

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