How to Select Everything on a Mac

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How to Select Everything on a Mac
How to Select Everything on a Mac

It’s frequently useful to be able to rapidly pick anything on a website or in a document in order to copy or transfer it elsewhere. But, with a Mac, how do you “Select All”?

On Mac computers, there are many ways to pick text or things. We’ll go through the several options below.

The Fastest Ways to Select All on Your Mac

The keyboard shortcut Cmd + A is the easiest method to select all text. This generally highlights all accessible material in a macOS program. You’ll then be able to do further operations, such as copying and pasting anything you’ve chosen.

Another easy option is to select all by clicking on the Edit menu at the top of the program you’re in.

This, once again, highlights everything on the page or in your document, including text, photos, and tables. You’ll then be able to take actions on what you’ve chosen.

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More Advanced Ways to Select All on a Mac

Another method is to click to the left of the first word, then Shift + click to the right of the final word. This is excellent for picking website content; however, employing the keyboard shortcut also selects advertisements on a page. This approach allows you to choose particular text while still allowing you to select vast blocks. This clicking approach also works in Finder. You may pick two files and everything between them by clicking on one in a list view, then Shift + clicking on another.

You may also choose a block of text or a group of objects by dragging your cursor around them. Click on a page, hold down the mouse button, and drag the pointer over the text or objects to do so.

This approach is slow, but you’ll be able to see what you’re highlighting as you go and choose items in chunks rather than everything at once.

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How to Select All on Mac With Click and Drag

You may also use click and drag to select all the files in a Finder window. The click and drag behavior varies depending on the Finder window you’re in.

Click above or to the left of a file in Icons or Gallery view, then drag your mouse to the right and down to select everything. When you do this, you’ll see a box with the dimensions of your selection, just as when you click and drag on your desktop.

Click below the final file in the list and drag your mouse up to select everything in List and Columns view.

To make the most of your Mac, you may rapidly choose a block of text or all the files in an open folder.

We hope the ways described above assist you in using “Select All” anytime you need it in any of your Mac programs, and that it speeds up your work!

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Select All Is a Simple but Important Action

It’s useful to quickly select a block of text or all the files in a folder you have open, to use your Mac at maximum efficiency.

We hope the above methods help you use “Select All” whenever you need it in any of your Mac applications, and we hope it speeds up your work!

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