How to Scan a QR Code in a Photo or Picture on Your iPhone Screen

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How to Scan a QR Code in a Photo or Picture on Your iPhone Screen

How to Scan a QR Code in a Picture or Photo on Your iPhone Screen

We’ll teach you how to free scan QR codes that display on your iPhone screen without having to print them or use a second device.

Scanning a QR code with your iPhone is simple: open the Camera app and aim it at a code in the real world. Your iPhone will scan the QR code and provide a link for you to tap. However, you cannot aim your camera at a QR code in a photo or image on your iPhone screen.

This might be an issue if you get a snapshot of a QR code or if a QR code displays on a webpage. Tapping it has no effect, but you may use this nifty method to scan QR codes that show on the screen of your iPhone.

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Download a Free QR Code Scanner

A third-party QR code scanner is required to scan QR codes in photographs, pictures, or screenshots on your iPhone. On the App Store, there are several applications like this, many of which levy a significant cost if you mistakenly sign up for a premium membership.

We recommend QR Code Reader Scanner Pro, which is absolutely free to use but requires you to traverse some in-app advertising.

Download: QR Code Reader Scanner Pro (Free)

Select the QR Code Image From Your Photo Library

If you need to scan a QR code that is on a website or app, snap a screenshot of it and save the picture to your photo library. Similarly, if someone sends you a snapshot with a QR code, save it to your photo library using the Share option.

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Now, launch the QR code scanner you downloaded and choose the picture library icon from the scan page. This is normally shown at the top or bottom of the app’s scanning tab.

Because not every QR code software allows you to scan codes in images, screenshots, or photographs, we urge you use the app we mentioned above.

Then, from your picture library, choose the appropriate image and, if required, zoom in on the QR code. The URL from the QR code will be spewed out by the QR code scanner. And there you have it!

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Create Your Own QR Code

Why not try designing your own QR codes now that you know how to read QR codes that display on your iPhone screen? Then you may email them to others to share websites, contact information, and other information.

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