How to Rotate Your PlayStation 5 From Vertical to Horizontal (and Vice Versa)

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How to Rotate Your PlayStation 5 From Vertical to Horizontal (and Vice Versa)
How to Rotate Your PlayStation 5 From Vertical to Horizontal (and Vice Versa)

You have the option of mounting your PlayStation 5 vertically or horizontally. It’s simple to switch your PS5 from vertical to horizontal position if you change your mind (or vice-versa).

Let’s have a look at how to securely shift your PS5 from vertical to horizontal on its side and back.

First: Shut Down and Unplug Your PS5

Before you start physically moving your PlayStation 5, you should turn it off and disconnect everything. This will protect the system from harm that might occur if you move it while it is switched on.

You should completely shut down your PS5. To do so, use your controller’s PS Button to bring up the fast menu at the bottom of the screen. Select Power on the right, then Turn Off PS5.

Alternatively, to turn off your PS5, press and hold the Power button (located towards the bottom of the console for disc-based models) until you hear two beeps. If you let it go after the first beep, it will enter rest mode (with orange lights).

In either case, wait until the lights on your console turn off before unplugging the power cord, HDMI cable, and anything else you have connected to the system. You may now alter the direction of your PS5.

How to Turn Your PS5 From Vertical to Horizontal

First, we’ll go through how to convert the PS5 from vertical to horizontal if you want it to sit on its side. If your console is already horizontal, go ahead to the reverse steps.

Remove the Stand Screw

When you set up your PS5 vertically, you had to remove an included screw from a compartment in the base and use it to fasten the base to the console when it was vertically positioned. As a consequence, removing this screw is the first step in altering the orientation of your console.

Flip your PS5 on its side to have access to the bottom stand. Remove the single silver screw that is securing the base to the system using a flathead screwdriver, coin, or anything similar.

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The base will come loose after the screw is removed. The screw may be stored in a tiny compartment in the base. Snap it into position, then slide it into the little hole to hold it in place.

A little black stopper may also be found in this container (as long as you put it there during the initial setup). Remove this stopper and insert it into the hole on the bottom of the PS5 where the screw was removed. This isn’t required, but it looks nice.

Rotate the PS5’s Base

Now, adjust the base so that it fits onto the console in its horizontal configuration. This also seals the little compartment where you inserted the screw, securing it even more.

When looking at it from the top, rotate the base (opposite from where you just stored the screw). If you consider the elevated component of the stand to be “12 o’clock,” rotate the outer piece of the stand to roughly “10 o’clock,” as indicated below.

This is the proper way to use the PS5 stand horizontally. When you have it in the correct position, it will click and softly stop.

Attach the Stand in the Horizontal Position

You may now connect the stand to your PS5 when it is horizontal. Check that the system is properly positioned—-the PS logo should be facing up.

You’ll see some PlayStation controller symbols engraved on the console on the back of your machine, beneath and next to the two USB ports. Slip the system’s outer arms (those you just turned) around where this pattern stops on either side.

Push the clips to secure them, but keep in mind that the stand is not totally secured into place in this position (like it is with the screw when placed vertically). Be careful while lowering the system, and keep in mind that pulling on the stand may cause it to slide.

You are now ready to utilize your PS5 in horizontal mode. Reconnect all of the cords and turn it on to resume playing. Insert discs face-up in this position if you have a normal PS5.

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How to Change Your PS5 From Horizontal to Vertical

Wish to revert to a vertical PS5 orientation, or did you first set up your PS5 in horizontal mode and now want to go vertical? In any case, it’s simple to reverse the preceding steps. If your PS5 is presently in Rest mode or switched on, be sure you turn it off and unplug it first.

To convert your PS5 to a vertical configuration, first raise it up and carefully slide the stand away from the system. The exterior arm of the base should then be rotated. When seen from above, the arm should be “north,” in line with the elevated section. Check for a soft click to ensure it’s in the appropriate location.

Place your PS5 so that you can reach the bottom, then remove the black stopper from the center hole—about it’s in the middle of the vents. If you can’t get it out with your hands, try carefully prying it out with a butter knife or other thin item.

Insert this black stopper into the little hole on the bottom of the base compartment. The stopper should easily snap into place.

Then, from the same compartment in the base, remove the screw. You must now attach the stand in its right place. To do so, position your PS5 so that the rear of the console faces up, as seen below.

Place the stand so that the screw hole lines up with the screw hole you just removed the stopper from. Place the clips on the arm of the base at the rear of your system, below the power socket. The stand should be simple to align.

Tighten the screw using a screwdriver, coin, or anything similar. When you’re finished and the stand feels secure, you’re ready to use your PS5 vertically. To finish the process, reconnect all of the cords.

Should You Stand Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

Because Sony allows you to use your PS5 both vertically and horizontally, there is no right or wrong way to do it—as long as your system receives enough airflow. Which orientation you should utilize is determined on your requirements.

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The horizontal design is stylish if you have enough of space and don’t mind the PS5 taking up a lot of horizontal space. It also makes inserting discs simpler for people who have the basic model PS5, since the label should always face up. With the vertical position, where the disc label should face to the left, this is a little more difficult to remember.

However, you may not have enough room within your entertainment system to accommodate the horizontal configuration. Going upward is your best chance in these situations. The PS5 is a massive system in any case, but when positioned vertically, it fits neatly next to your TV stand or something similar. As seen in the figure below, this is the arrangement I utilize.

Use the stand regardless of the direction you pick for your PS5. It elevates the system above the ground, improving ventilation. The support also secures the PS5, making it less likely to be knocked over and damaged.

Set Up Your PS5 and Get Playing

You now know how to quickly convert your PS5 from vertical to horizontal and back again. Once your system is up and running, fire it up and enjoy some of the top PS5 titles.

More PS5 advice are available if you want to get the most out of your system.

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