How to Restore Deleted iPhone Apps and In-App Purchases

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How to Restore Deleted iPhone Apps and In-App Purchases
How to Restore Deleted iPhone Apps and In-App Purchases

You probably decided that you no longer required the functionalities of an app on your iPhone and erased it. Perhaps you just got tired of that specific game or discovered an other software that you enjoy. But what if you want to use the original software again?

Let’s take a look at how to recover a deleted program and associated in-app purchases from your iPhone.

How to Restore a Deleted iPhone App

You’ve probably uninstalled an app from your iPhone before, whether to make more space or to organize your device. When you need to restore a deleted app on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home Screen, tap the App Store icon.
  2. Then, in the top-right corner of the screen, touch on your profile symbol.
  3. Choose Purchased. If you have Family Sharing enabled on your device, pick My Purchases or the applicable family member’s name to display a list of their bought applications.
  4. Select Not on this iPhone.
  5. To locate the app you want to restore, scroll down the list or use the search box.
  6. To begin reinstalling the app on your iPhone, tap the cloud icon.

Why Can’t I Find a Deleted App in My Purchase History?

If the app you want to restore to your iPhone isn’t included in the purchase history, make sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID you used to buy and install it. Simply open the Settings app to verify your Apple ID. The name of your Apple ID appears at the top.

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Second, consider if you’ve ever hidden an app from your App Store purchase history. If this is the case, you must repeat the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app and choose your Apple ID name.
  2. Select Media & Purchases.
  3. Tap View Account.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and choose Hidden Purchases.
  5. Tap Unhide next to the appropriate app in the list.

This brings the app back to your App Store purchase history. You may then reinstall the program by following the steps outlined in the previous section.

Why Isn’t My Restored App on My Home Screen?

In this situation, you discovered the app in your purchase history, but instead of the cloud icon, it displays an Open or Update button. This indicates that the program has been downloaded to your iPhone. So, how come you couldn’t discover it on your Home Screen?

The app might be hidden in the App Library. Follow our instructions to return the app from your App Library to your Home Screen.

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How to Restore In-App Purchases on Your iPhone

To recover in-app purchases, make sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID you used to purchase them.

Non-consumable purchases, such as additional levels or an upgrade to a pro edition of a program, may only be restored. Consumable purchases such as in-game cash, additional health points, and suggestions cannot be restored.

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Launch the app you just reinstalled to recover your in-app purchases. Navigate to the in-app Settings or Shop area from the main screen. Restore Purchases (or Restore) should be an option there. To begin recovering your in-app purchases, tap it.

If you are unable to recover your in-app purchases, you should contact the app developer.

How to Restore a Deleted App That Was Removed From the App Store

Many new applications have appeared on the App Store throughout the years, and many old ones have also been withdrawn. The cause for removal might be the developer’s choice to remove the app, or the app no longer meets Apple’s continued compatibility criteria.

Unfortunately, you cannot reinstall a program that has been removed from the App Store. While the app will appear in your purchase history, the cloud icon will be grayed out and you will be unable to restore it.

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Even if you already backed up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes, the backup just instructs your iPhone to redownload applications from the App Store. An real download can only take place during the restoration process if the app is both suitable and accessible for your iPhone.

Successfully Restoring a Deleted App on Your iPhone

It is simple to recover a deleted program. Remember to check your Apple ID and Hidden Purchases if you can’t locate the app. You may also check your App Library to see whether the app has already been installed on your iPhone. You’ll need to recover any in-app purchases in the app’s settings.

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