How to Resolve the Windows “Application Has Been Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware” Error

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How to Resolve the Windows “Application Has Been Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware” Error

You’re playing your favorite game on Windows when you get the message “Application has been restricted from accessing graphics hardware.” Perhaps you’re seeing the same issue when you run different software apps on your computer. So, what’s creating this problem, and how can you fix it?

This issue usually occurs when your device has incompatible display drivers. However, there are various more explanations for this problem, which we will investigate in depth.

1. Run Your Apps With Administrator Rights

One of the most effective approaches to remedy this issue is to run the problematic software as administrator. When you do this, the software gains access to a variety of functions, including the graphics hardware.

To launch a program as administrator, right-click it and choose Run as administrator. Otherwise, experiment with launching Windows software as an administrator.

2. Customize Graphics Performance Preferences for the Affected App

If the problem is restricted to a single game or program, the graphics performance preference settings may be useful. These options are intended to improve app performance or increase the battery life of your PC. So, here’s how you can change the graphics performance choices for the affected app:

  1. Select Graphics settings from the Win Start Menu > PC Settings > System > Display.
  2. Then, under the Choose an app to set preference option, search for the app by tapping the Browse button.

Choose the app and then click the Add button. To complete the procedure, follow the on-screen directions.

3. Configure the App’s Compatibility Mode Settings

This error is likely to appear if the app’s compatibility mode settings are incorrect. You may either modify the compatibility settings or run the compatibility troubleshooter in this scenario.

So, first, let’s look at how to setup the compatibility mode settings:

  1. Open the Windows search box and input the target program’s name.
  2. Select Open target folder from the context menu when you right-click on the application.
  3. Then, right-click on the executable (.exe) file of the program and choose Properties.
  4. Select the Compatibility tab. Check the box for Run this software in compatibility mode for.
  5. As in the previous stages, go to the Compatibility tab.
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Next, choose an appropriate choice from the drop-down menu underneath this option. When you’re finished, click Apply and then OK. If the problem continues, you may run the compatibility troubleshooter. Here’s how it’s done:

This problem is more likely to occur if your device has incompatible or corrupted display drivers. As a result, you might solve the issue by upgrading or reinstalling these drivers.

  1. Select Run the compatibility troubleshooter. In the following box, choose Troubleshoot program.
  2. Check the items that apply to the problem you’re having. When you’re finished, click Next.
  3. Press Win + X and then choose Device Manager from the menu.
  4. To expand the Display adapters option, double-click it.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the process.

4. Update or Reinstall the Display Drivers

In the next box, choose Search automatically for updated driver software. Finally, to finish the procedure, follow the on-screen directions.

Let’s see how you can update the display drivers:

  1. Right-click the display adapter on your PC and choose Update driver.
  2. As in the previous stages, open the Device Manager and the Display adapters.
  3. Select Uninstall device from the Display adapter’s context menu. Finally, go to the Action tab and choose Scan for hardware changes.

If the problem continues, reinstall the Display adapters by doing the following steps:

When the scan is finished, restart your computer to preserve the changes.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start Menu > PC Settings > Update & Security and, on the left-hand side pane, click Troubleshoot.
  2. Scroll down the right-hand side pane, choose Hardware & Devices, and then select Run the troubleshooter. To finish the procedure, follow the on-screen directions.
  3. In the Windows search box, type Create a Restore Point and choose the best match.
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Windows has a number of troubleshooting tools to assist you in resolving system-related difficulties. In this instance, the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter may be useful.

5. Run the Windows Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

As a result, here’s how to run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter:

If this problem has just recently appeared, a System Restore point may be useful. In this situation, System Restore will restore your computer to its former condition and resolve any problems.

  1. Click the System Protection tab.
  2. Select System Restore and then click Next.

6. Use a System Restore Point

If you’ve built a restore point on your computer, here’s how to utilize it to resolve this error:

One of the easiest approaches to solve this problem is to configure a few settings in the Registry Editor. However, take care not to change or remove the incorrect keys in the process. To prevent problems, begin by backing up the Registry.

  1. Check the box for Show additional restoration points.
  2. Next, choose your selected restoration point.
  3. To open the Run command dialog box, press Win + R.
  4. To launch the Registry Editor, type Regedit and click Enter.
  5. Go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 > GraphicsDrivers.

Click Finish and wait for the process to complete.

7. Configure Settings in the Registry Editor

To fix this problem, we’ll use the TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) key. The TDR function identifies graphics card response issues and addresses them by resetting the card. If a graphics card does not respond within a certain time frame, the device will automatically reset the graphics card.

Let’s now utilize the Registry Editor to change the TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) value:

TdrDelay as the new value and hit Enter. Then, double-click the TdrDelay variable and set its Value to 8.

  1. To create a DWORD (32-bit) value, right-click anywhere in the right-hand side pane and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  2. Go to the Windows Start Menu > PC Settings > Update and Security and pick Windows Update.
  3. To finish, click the Check for updates button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the right-hand side pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
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Restart your computer to apply these modifications. If the problem is with the graphics card, the TDR function should fix it by resetting the hardware.

If everything else fails, you may need to upgrade your computer. Once the device is updated, you should be able to address this issue as well as any other system concerns.

8. Update Your Device

It’s quite annoying when you get the “Application has been prohibited from accessing graphics hardware” message at random. However, resolving the problem is simple—just implement any of the remedies we’ve suggested.

Here’s how you can update your Windows device:

  1. Navigate to Win Start Menu > PC Settings > Update and Security and select the Windows Update option.
  2. Next, click the Check for updates button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Run Your Games and Apps Without a Hassle

It’s really irritating when you randomly bump into the “Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware” error. However, getting rid of the issue is quite easy—simply apply any of the fixes we’ve recommended.

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