How to Resolve the “Google Keeps Stopping” Error on Android

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How to Resolve the “Google Keeps Stopping” Error on Android

Android issues occur when you least expect them, and the meaning of the error message is often ambiguous.

The “Google keeps pausing” problem that happens on Android while executing ordinary activities is a prime example of this. You might be using Google search, the Google Play store, or another Google app. When the problem notice appears, it gives little solid information to assist you in resolving it.

So, what precisely can you do and what does “Google keeps halting” mean?

When Does the Google Keeps Stopping Error Occur?

You may be using Google Search. It might happen when browsing the Play Store or using another app. Because of a Google service operating in the background, the “Google keeps halting” warning may appear when you’re doing something entirely unrelated.

For instance, you may be playing a game as the weather app attempts to update, resulting in the error. I came upon the app when using Google Keep.

It’s tough to pinpoint which Google app is creating the problem. However, it seems to be mostly related to Google Play Services, Play Store, or the Google Search app.

Even more aggravating, merely restarting your phone does not stop it. The problem will continue to occur, with the popup showing again. You may, of course, tap away from the message, but more will surface.

Why Does Google Keep Stopping? What Does the Error Mean?

It’s basically as described: Google keeps halting. But why is that?

The error seems to be caused by a cache problem, causing the Google app or background service to fail. Because Google is physically halting, the desired task (doing a search, searching for applications, or whatever) fails. While the OS is generally error-free, deleting the Android cache may assist with a surprising amount of issues.

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It should be noted that this mistake is not related to the Google Keep note-taking tool. The “Google keeps stopping” problem arises only because the Google app on Android keeps stopping, as I discovered when moving from the Keep app to Google Play.

How to Repair the Google Keeps Stopping Error

Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much to fix this problem.

The procedures for repairing it are the same regardless of the phone you use. They will resolve the “Google keeps halting” problem on Samsung phones, Pixels, and other afflicted devices.

  1. Open the Quick Settings menu by dragging down from the top.
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Open Apps
  4. Expand the See all apps list
  5. Scroll down to Google and press to launch it.
  6. Tap Storage and cache
  7. Tap Empty cache, then wait for it to clear.
  8. Next, open Manage space
  9. Tap Clear All Data on this screen.
  10. Finally, click back and restart your phone.

The problem should now be addressed when this step is done. If not, repeat the process for Google Play Store and Google Play Services, rebooting after each until the fault is resolved.

Remember to Update Android

Software upgrades are mostly to blame for the “Google keeps halting” issue (and others). If the problem has just recently begun to occur, it is likely that it was triggered by a routine system update, an app update, or even a hotfix.

While we’ve offered a suitable workaround above, the problem should be resolved in the future release. You should be able to download it assuming your phone is receiving the update.

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Is the maker of Android devices no longer providing updates? That is just one reason to use a modified Android ROM.

No Joy? You May Need to Factory Reset Android

As previously stated, deleting the cache will usually resolve the Google halting problem. If not, the only other simple alternative is to restore the phone to factory settings.

Before starting, make sure that all data on your phone has been backed up. This is where our article on how to correctly backup Android will come in handy. Backing up settings, images, contacts, text messages, media files, and other important documents is part of this process. There are dedicated programs for this, but you could just connect the phone to your PC and transfer the info that way.

After that, it’s time to restart Android. The settings panel is the simplest place to accomplish this.

  1. Open Quick Settings by dragging down from the top.
  2. Tap the Settings cog
  3. Tap System > Reset options
  4. Find and choose Erase all data (factory reset)
  5. Android will notify you that your internal storage is about to be reset, so read carefully.
  6. When you’re satisfied it is the right option, tap Reset Phone

When you’re finished, Android will look brand new. After you’ve created your account, take advantage of the option to get any new updates as quickly as possible.

Other Android Errors

It is feasible to utilize Android without encountering any problems. However, some do occur on occasion.

For example, if you’re swapping SIM cards between phones, you can see an error notice about the SIM card.

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One form of problem that you may encounter more often than others is one involving the Android camera. Overheating or your phone running out of storage space may also cause “Unfortunately, camera has stopped.” Android may also have connectivity issues. However, there are some simple remedies for Android Wi-Fi authentication troubles.

When it comes to mistakes, Android boasts some of the simplest and fastest remedies of any operating system.

Errors are unfortunately more prone to arise as the operating system advances. This is especially true for legacy software, whether it is supporting old code or is related to older programs. Fortunately, most Android issues are simple to resolve.

Fixing Android Errors: Easy!

If you’ve experienced Google displaying a “keeps stopping” notice – or any other error – you’ll usually find that rebooting, removing software, or clearing the necessary caches fixes the problem in all except the most severe circumstances.

If it doesn’t work, you may always reset your phone. If it doesn’t work, you might think about upgrading to an iPhone – it’s simpler than you think.

Failing that, there is always the option of resetting your phone. If that doesn’t work, maybe consider switching to iPhone – it’s easier than you think.

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