How to Repair the Xbox Error “the Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign In”

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How to Repair the Xbox Error “the Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign In”

Are you the person who purchased this? You should correct this mistake.

Most mistakes exist to notify you that something is wrong; however, some occur even when nothing is wrong. “The person who purchased this must sign in” often falls into the latter group of mistakes. It arrives out of nowhere and refuses to go.

This problem usually appears when you attempt to access stuff on your console that was previously accessible via another account. Fortunately, there are several options for resolving this inconvenient problem.

Check the Xbox Live Servers’ Status

Before we go into the remedies, it’s worth mentioning that occasionally the problems come from the other end of the line. Xbox Live servers aren’t flawless, and they sometimes go down. When this occurs, there isn’t much you can do except wait for Microsoft to repair the servers.

One important step is to understand that this is beyond your control so that you don’t keep fiddling with network settings in the hopes of correcting the “The person who purchased this has to sign in” issue. The Xbox Status website allows you to check the Xbox Live server status. A red X next to Account & profile or Store & subscription may indicate that the problem is on Xbox’s end.

Restart Your Console

Many software-related difficulties may be resolved by restarting, and the Xbox is no exception. Restarting your Xbox will give it a chance to recover its breath and delete some stored data. This alone may be sufficient to resolve the “The person who purchased this must sign in” problem.

  1. Keep your controller’s Xbox button pressed. There will be a prompt.
  2. Select Restart console.

The console will restart now. When the console restarts, check whether you can access the material you were looking for. If you continue to get the same issue, it’s time to look into alternative options.

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Set Your Xbox to Home for Your Account

If you use your account on several Xbox systems, you may tell Microsoft which one is your main console by designating it as your home Xbox. When you designate a console as your home Xbox, everyone who uses that system gets access to the stuff you’ve bought.

This implies that people on that Xbox may play your purchased games or use your Xbox Game Pass membership on their own accounts as long as they play on that machine.

This also makes Xbox more conducive to offline play. Other accounts may utilize the items you’ve bought without your account needing to be always connected on the console. This easy method often resolves the “The person who purchased this must sign in.” issue.

  1. Sign in with your Xbox account.
  2. Navigate to Settings, then Personalization. Select Make this my home Xbox on the following screen.
  3. Select My home Xbox.
  4. Navigate to Settings, then Network. Select Check Internet connection from the network settings. A popup will appear, and Xbox will perform a few tests to determine whether or not you are online.

Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet

Because Xbox isn’t big on offline gaming, several items won’t work correctly if you play offline. So make sure you’re connected to the Xbox Live servers, particularly if you’re receiving the “The person who purchased this has to sign in” issue.

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button.
  2. Select Network settings.
  3. Move your cursor all the way to the left of your profile image.
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If the dialog indicates that you are connected to the internet, everything is OK. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the screen to diagnose and resolve the connection problem. If your Xbox isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, check out our guide on how to repair an Xbox that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Restart Your Internet Router

It’s conceivable that Xbox is experiencing problems with your IP address in particular. Every time you restart your internet router (unless you have set up a static IP address), you are allocated a new dynamic IP address, therefore by restarting your router, you may dump the old IP address and acquire a new one. One that Xbox will have no trouble with.

You may restart your router by pressing the physical button on the device. Simply switch off the router, wait 30 seconds, and then restart it. Try to access the material on your Xbox after your internet connection has been restored. If you don’t want to engage physically, you may restart your internet router from the settings page.

Re-Login to Your Xbox Account

Signing out and then back into your Xbox account helps refresh Xbox’s recollection of who you are and what stuff is on your account.

  1. Click Sign out under your profile name.
  2. Press the Xbox button once more and travel to the same location.
  3. Sign back in with your Xbox account.
  4. Navigate to Settings, then Account. Select the issue account in the opened dialog.
  5. On your controller, press the Xbox button.

Remove Your Account From the Xbox Console

If signing out and back into your account does not resolve the “The person who purchased this has to sign in” problem, you may need to take a more radical step and delete your account from the console altogether before adding it back.

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This will delete all saved data for your account, and when you login in again, your Xbox will be required to download new data from the cloud.

  1. Select Add new from the far-right tab.
  2. Select Remove accounts.
  3. Sign in with your credentials.
  4. Confirm by selecting Remove.

Now that Xbox has deleted all traces of your account, you may login back in.

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Navigate to the far-right tab and select Add new.
  3. Enter your credentials and sign in.

Hopefully, this fixes the issue for you.

Back to Gaming

The last thing anybody wants to see when they start a game is an error message. This may be made much more aggravating if the issue has no evident reason. Fortunately, you now have a toolbox full of remedies for this problem, and if one doesn’t work, the other will.

Learning to mend things gives you confidence that even if you receive an error or your instrument breaks, you can still go back to gaming as soon as possible. How about learning to repair a few more things?

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