How to Remove Calendar Events from an iPhone or iPad

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How to Remove Calendar Events from an iPhone or iPad
How to Remove Calendar Events from an iPhone or iPad

The vast majority of people use their iPhone calendar to plan their schedule. It’s simple to enter all of your events into the device you already have in your pocket. However, your schedule will occasionally change, and you will need to remove events from it.

Here’s how to delete calendar events on iPhone and iPad.

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone and iPad

On the iPhone and iPad, deleting calendar events is simple. You can do it directly from the app.

To do so, launch the Calendar app and navigate to the event you want to delete. You can find the event using any of the views.

To view the event, tap on it. Tap the Delete Event option at the bottom of the screen.

This will delete the event and remove it entirely from your calendar. If you set the time period to busy, it will return to available when the event is deleted.

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How to Delete Repeating Events

If the event you’re attempting to delete is set to repeat, an additional option will appear. This will prompt you to choose whether to delete just that one event or all future events.

As you might have guessed from the options, tap Delete This Event Only to delete only that event on that specific day, or tap Delete All Future Events to delete any future repetitions of the event.

How to Delete a Shared Event

You’ll see a different set of options if someone shared an event with you or Siri picked it up from another app. At the bottom of the screen, instead of Delete Event, you’ll see Accept, Maybe, or Decline.

At this point, the event is most likely set to Accepted. To delete the event, simply tap Declined. The event will no longer appear on your calendar, but you can still access it in your Inbox if you change your mind later.

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How to Delete an Entire Calendar

You can also delete an entire calendar if you prefer. This could be an old calendar, one of the default holiday calendars, or a spam calendar.

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To delete an entire calendar, tap on Calendars in the bottom bar’s center. Deselecting the calendar is as simple as tapping on its name once. This means it will no longer appear in the app, but you can still access it by re-selecting the calendar.

If you want to permanently remove the calendar, go to the Settings app. In Settings, go to Calendar, and then to Accounts.

Navigate to the account where you want to delete the calendar. Then uncheck the Calendars option.

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The deleted calendar will no longer be visible in the app after this. Keep in mind that once you delete a calendar, you can re-enable it for the app at a later time.

Get Better Control of Your Calendar

Learning how to delete calendar events on iPhone and iPad is an important part of time management. You can keep track of your events more effectively now that you know how.

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