How to Remove Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App

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How to Remove Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App
How to Remove Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App

If you use any Adobe product on your computer, you’re definitely familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop software. Even if you like the tools you use, such as Audition and After Effects, you may wonder whether you need to maintain Creative Cloud.

You may remove the app, however there are certain restrictions. This post will explain you how to remove Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as what else you need to do beforehand.

Before You Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud

If you are unable to delete Adobe Creative Cloud, you most likely still have at least one Adobe software installed on your device. To remove the Creative Cloud app, you must first delete all of your Adobe products, regardless of whether they are Photoshop or Lightroom (or something else).

If you want to remove Adobe programs from your computer, you have many alternatives, and we’ll go through the most convenient ones in the sections below.

Using Uninstallers on Your Computer

To begin, enter “adobe installers” into your computer’s search box. When your results are shown, you will see a folder with the same name.

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Navigate to the Adobe Installers folder. Uninstall [App Name] files will appear; click on this button.

The Adobe CC app will then appear, with the opportunity to save your current settings before your computer deletes the software. Choose your selection and then uninstall; the operation will begin immediately.

If you can’t find the Adobe Installers folder, try searching for the software you wish to remove. When your results display, you should see the Uninstall [App Name] option; if this appears, repeat the procedures outlined above. Windows users may uninstall an app by right-clicking on it in the results and selecting Uninstall from the context menu.

Deleting Adobe Apps From the Creative Cloud App

Removing Adobe Apps from Creative Cloud is faster than searching on your PC. To begin, launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

When the app has finished loading, click the three dots next to the software you wish to delete.

After completing the preceding step, a selection of alternatives will display in the dropdown menu; pick Uninstall.

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You’ll need to choose Remove or Keep, depending on whether you want Adobe to keep your preferences. After you’ve made your decision and clicked the button, your Adobe software will begin to remove from your computer.

How to Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud From Your Computer

You’re ready to delete Adobe Creative Cloud after you’ve uninstalled all of your Adobe programs. While we’ll teach you how to remove Adobe Creative Cloud on a Mac, the method is the same regardless of the operating system on your machine.

First, locate the search option on your smartphone. Once it’s open, put “uninstall adobe creative cloud” into the search field and press Enter.

In the search results, look for a red file called Creative Cloud Uninstaller. To continue with the deletion, choose this option and, if requested, provide your computer’s login and password.

After that, you’ll get a popup on your screen asking whether you wish to remove Creative Cloud. If you’re certain, click the Uninstall button.

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You may reinstall the Adobe Creative Cloud software later by visiting the Adobe website.

Uninstalling Adobe CC Isn’t Worth It Unless You’re Done With Its Apps

Uninstalling Adobe Creative Cloud is more difficult than it seems, and we don’t advocate it until you’ve determined you no longer want to use Adobe’s products. If you prefer anything else, such as Final Cut Pro or Capture One, make sure you remove all Adobe software from your computer before installing Creative Cloud.

If you no longer want to utilize Adobe’s products, you should also cancel your Creative Cloud membership. It is much easier to do so than it is to uninstall.

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