How to Record iPhone Phone Calls and Conversations

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How to Record iPhone Phone Calls and Conversations
How to Record iPhone Phone Calls and Conversations

Apple has not included a built-in recording capability for iPhone phone conversations due to national and state legislation. Apple’s immaculate privacy settings are one of the reasons it has so many global consumers. However, there are certain workarounds that allow you to record phone conversations on your iPhone.

Secretly recording a phone conversation on your iPhone might result in unpleasant legal ramifications. If you’re planning to record a phone call, make sure you alert the person on the other end of the line and get their permission.

After that, let’s look at how to record a phone call on your iPhone.

How to Record Calls on an iPhone Without Apps

This is most likely the fastest and simplest method to record a phone call on your iPhone without having to pay for programs. To make it work, you’ll need another device with a microphone that can record audio (such as another iPhone, iPad, PC, or portable recording device).

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It’s straightforward to pull off if you’re in a calm place and have access to your iPhone’s speakerphone:

  1. Tap the Speaker icon to call your contact. Inform the other person that you want to record the phone call on your iPhone.
  2. Begin recording on your external recorder after obtaining approval. Place your iPhone near to the recording device’s microphone. If you want your own audio to be captured, be physically near to the recording equipment.
  3. Google Voice is available for free in the App Store. Start it up and login in using your Google account.
  4. End the call.
  5. Save your recording.

You may record the call on a different iOS device using Apple’s Voice Memos app. On a Mac or PC, we suggest Audacity, a free audio editing and recording tool. If you’ve never used Audacity before, you can learn how to use it here.

How to Record Incoming iPhone Calls Using Google Voice

Google Voice is a free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling service that is now accessible in the United States and Canada. It gives you a free phone number, a voicemail mailbox, and the opportunity to make free local and international calls (as per the Google Voice calling rates). One of the benefits of Google Voice is the ability to record phone conversations.

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However, before you can do this, you must first set up the service. Make sure you aren’t creating or using a Voice for Google Workspace account at your workplace or school institution. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the recording function.

Here’s how to set up Google Voice:

  1. Select Search. Choose the new phone number you wish to link to your Google Voice account.
  2. Please confirm your phone number. Continue until you’re prompted to input your phone number.
  3. Enter the phone number associated with your iPhone. Confirm your request and wait for a verification code.
  4. Use the code you just got to validate your new Google Voice configuration.
  5. Call your contact and get permission to record the conversation. Request that they hold.

Before you may record calls on your iPhone, there is one more step you must do. Sign in to your Google account and visit the Google Voice page. To access the Settings menu, click the gear symbol in the upper-right corner of the page.

On the left side of the page, pick the Calls tab menu. Then, on the right, scroll down and activate Incoming call options by clicking the widget.

When you receive a phone call using your Google Voice account, you may begin recording the call by pressing the 4 key on your iPhone number pad. Google will warn the other person that they are being recorded if you do this. The recording will be available in your Google Voice mailbox, where you may download it for storage.

Unfortunately, there is no method to record an outbound phone call on your iPhone using Google Voice for legal or safety reasons.

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How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone Using a Third-Party App

If you reside in the United States and have a functional US phone number, a third-party program called Rev Call Recorder is another useful alternative for recording phone conversations. Rev Call Recorder is available for free on the App Store.

When you initially use the app, you must validate your phone number by entering it when requested and entering the code that appears. The procedure is a bit complicated, but the software includes a tutorial.

After that, press Start Recorded Call and then choose Outgoing Call or Incoming Call. For incoming calls, dial the Rev Call Recorder service, then dial the person you wish to speak with. Tap the Merge Calls button once both calls are linked to start recording.

Incoming calls follow a slightly different but equally straightforward procedure. When the call is over, Rev Call Recorder will notify you that your recorded call is available for download. At this time, paid transcribing services will also be available.

The primary benefit of Rev Call Recorder is that, unlike many other call recording services, the person you’re speaking with will see your phone number rather than an unknown number.

However, since your calls are kept on the servers of another organization, you should generally avoid using this service for confidential or sensitive concerns.

How to Record Calls on an iPhone Using Your Voicemail

Have you set up voicemail on your iPhone yet? A clever approach may be used to record phone calls to voicemail. The usefulness of this third approach is mostly dependent on your telephone service provider.

First, check with your carrier to see whether you may retrieve your voicemail messages. On your iPhone, open the Phone app and hit the Voicemail option in the bottom-right corner. It’s fantastic if you see a list of voicemail messages display! You may download them and save them on your device for future use.

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You’re out of luck if all you see is a Call Voicemail option. Voicemails will not be available for download. You may, however, be able to preserve them in your carrier’s audible voicemail system. This means you’ll have to contact your voicemail every time you want to listen to the message.

To download these messages outside, use the above-mentioned speakerphone approach to record the phone conversation on your iPhone. You may attempt a similar recording approach utilizing call merging and your voicemail, depending on your phone provider:

  1. On your iPhone, tap Add Call to initiate a three-way call.
  2. Dial your own number. You ought to have your own voicemail box.
  3. Wait for the voicemail greeting to be completed. To begin the conference, choose Merge Calls.
  4. Hang up the phone. Your chat should be saved as a message in your voicemail mailbox.
  5. End the call. Your conversation should record as a message you can retrieve from your voicemail inbox.

Which iPhone Call Recording Method Works for You?

You now have a basic understanding of how to record a phone call on your iPhone. However, bear in mind that each cell carrier and iOS device works somewhat differently, so you may need to experiment with several recording ways until you find the one that works best for you.

The two most dependable methods for recording a phone call on your iPhone are to use the speakerphone approach or to hire a third-party service to record the conversation for you. In any event, in order to function lawfully, you must always warn the other person that you are recording them.

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