How to Post to Instagram from a Computer or a Mac

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How to Post to Instagram from a Computer or a Mac
How to Post to Instagram from a Computer or a Mac

Do you enjoy posting photos to Instagram and want to do so on your computer as well? Uploading to Instagram from your computer isn’t the primary use case because the service focuses on mobile. However, you can post to Instagram from a Mac, Chromebook, or any other desktop device.

Below are several methods for posting to Instagram from your PC or Mac.

How to Post to Instagram From Any Desktop Browser

Instagram finally added an official solution for uploading images from a laptop or desktop in late 2021. You can now use any browser to access, sign in to your account, and post images just like you do on your phone.

To begin, click the Plus button in the top-right corner, then refer to our full guide to Instagram’s desktop upload feature for more assistance if necessary. This is the quickest and easiest way to post to Instagram from any computer, but we’ve also included alternative methods below so you’re aware of other options.

How to Post on Instagram From a Windows PC

Aside from the primary option mentioned above, Windows users can also use the methods listed below to post to Instagram. They will function properly whether you are posting from a Windows laptop or desktop computer. Instagram does not have a traditional Windows desktop program, but users of Windows 10 and 11 can use the Instagram Microsoft Store app. It’s essentially a port of the mobile apps, so it’s nothing special, but it does the job.

Use the Instagram Windows Store App

After installing the app, sign in to see your feed as usual. To post on Instagram, just like on the website, click the Plus icon in the upper-right corner. Drag and drop images into the box, or use the Select from computer button to select some.

From here, you can edit the image, apply a filter, and add a caption using the familiar Instagram interface. This method is ideal if you prefer an app to visiting a website every time you want to post.

Prior to the website’s native support for posting to Instagram, the best method was to use a trick that allowed you to post to Instagram from Chrome. This involves changing your browser’s user agent to make Instagram think you’re using a mobile device.

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Use the Mobile Instagram Website in Chrome

The user agent is a small piece of information that your browser sends to websites so that they can learn a few details about your computer. You can easily override the automatic user agent and inform the website that you are using something else.

This method is more time-consuming than the others, so we don’t recommend it right now. This is included to preserve the steps, but it is no longer required.

Open Instagram’s website and log in to try the user agent workaround in Chrome. Then, to open the Developer Console, press F12 (or right-click and select Inspect). To switch to Instagram’s mobile website, use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M or click the Toggle device toolbar button (highlighted below).

The interface will be identical to that of the mobile app, complete with click-and-drag functionality. You can add a photo from your computer by clicking the Plus icon in the bottom-center. If you don’t see this icon, press F5 to refresh the page or navigate to another page, and it should appear.

On the resulting screen, use Edit to make changes to the photo and Filter to change its appearance. After adding a location, tagging others, including hashtags, and posting a caption, click Next. You’re ready to go once you click Share.

If you prefer inconvenient methods, you can go a step further and emulate Android on your computer for free. This allows you to access the original Instagram app and use it exactly as you would on your phone.

Emulate Android on Your PC

The simplest method is to use BlueStacks, but there are numerous other ways to emulate Android on Windows. Simply download BlueStacks, sign in with your Google account, download the Instagram app, and log into your Instagram account. More information can be found in the video below.

The steps for posting to Instagram from your Mac are similar to those for Windows, but we’ll provide Mac-specific advice here. Remember that using the main Instagram site eliminates the need for any of these workarounds.

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How to Post on Instagram From a Mac

We’ve already covered how to change your user agent in Chrome, which will also work on a Mac. If you’d rather use Safari, follow these steps.

Use the Mobile Instagram Website With Safari

Safari’s Preferences window can be accessed via Safari > Preferences or the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Comma. Switch to the Advanced tab and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar box at the bottom.

After that, go to the Instagram website and sign in. Select User Agent > Safari — iOS xx — iPhone from the menu bar’s new Develop tab.

The page will refresh, and the bar of icons along the bottom will appear, just like on the mobile app. When you click the Plus icon in the center, you will be prompted to upload an image from your computer.

Simply follow the steps to edit, add a filter if desired, and post.

Android apps can be emulated on macOS just as easily as they can on Windows. It’s significantly simpler to replicate Android than iOS, so even if you’re new to the platform, you should give it a go.

Emulate Android on Your Mac

BlueStacks, like Windows, is the simplest way to emulate Android on your Mac. It’s as easy as installing BlueStacks and looking for the Instagram app. If you don’t want to utilize BlueStacks, here are several alternatives for running Android applications on macOS.

If you’re using Chrome OS, the steps are precisely the same as with the Instagram desktop site. If you want an alternative way for whatever reason, please see the section above under “Use the Mobile Instagram Website in Chrome.” It operates in the same manner, enabling you to publish a photo from your Chromebook’s storage.

How to Post on Instagram From a Chromebook

Most contemporary Chromebooks also allow you to download and run Android applications. If you prefer, you may publish using the Android Instagram app, which works similarly to the Microsoft Store app on Windows.

Simply open the Play Store and search for it in the same way you would on your phone. You may then connect into the smartphone app and share your images.

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There are various third-party programs available for both Windows and Mac that allow you to submit photographs to Instagram, among other things. Flume is only one of many examples. We advise against using these applications for two reasons.

A Warning About Third-Party Instagram Apps

For starters, if they do not send you to the official Instagram login page, you have no assurance that they are keeping your password safe. Entering your credentials into third-party applications may result in the breach of your account. For breaking this regulation, Apple has removed multiple third-party Instagram applications from the App Store.

Second, most of these applications demand you to purchase the premium version in order to post images (or more than a few in the free trial). This is a waste of money for something that can easily be done for free.

Furthermore, some applications incorporate dubious features like as “free likes,” which are spammy and violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines. Even if you do not misuse these capabilities, Instagram may suspend your account if you use unapproved applications such as this.

If you use one of the real ways listed above, you should not have any of these problems.

You should now be able to publish to Instagram from a Windows or Mac computer. This is considerably simpler than it used to be, so posting on Instagram is now just as simple regardless of device. You’re ready to share art you’ve produced or selfies you’ve taken with your webcam.

Easily Post on Instagram From Your Mac or PC

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