How to Play Games Without an Internet Connection Using Steam Offline Mode

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How to Play Games Without an Internet Connection Using Steam Offline Mode
How to Play Games Without an Internet Connection Using Steam Offline Mode

Did you know you can play your Steam games even if you don’t have an internet connection? It’s ideal for when you’re traveling or have intermittent Wi-Fi and want to play PC games.

However, before you go, there are a few things you should know about Steam Offline Mode. It will not function unless you set it up ahead of time.

Here’s everything you need to know about Steam Offline Mode.

What Is Steam Offline Mode?

In order to run Steam and play games, you must normally be connected to the internet. This isn’t always a terrible thing, since Steam’s network includes several essential features like Steam cloud saves, achievement tracking, and automatic upgrades.

With Steam Offline Mode, you can play games on Steam even if your internet connection is poor or non-existent. It’s a cool Steam feature you probably weren’t aware of!

How to Prepare Steam Offline Mode

When you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t just open Steam and start gaming. There are many conditions that must be met.

First, connect to the internet and open Steam. If Steam asks you to sign in, choose Remember my password so that you may sign in automatically the next time.

Once on Steam, go to the main menu and choose Steam > Settings > Account. Check the box next to Don’t store account credentials on this computer. You can’t utilize Steam Offline Mode if it’s checked. Once finished, click OK.

Next, from the main Steam window’s bottom pane, choose Downloads. Check that there are no outstanding downloads, whether they be new games or updates to current games. You need the download queue to be empty.

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Then, launch the games you want to play offline. This ensures that there are no further updates or installation requirements that you must complete before you can play it. Close the game after you’ve finished.

That concludes the preparation. It’s now time to start Steam in Offline Mode. To do so, navigate to Steam > Go Offline from the main Steam window. A notice will appear explaining what you are going to accomplish. Restart in Offline Mode by clicking the button.

Voilà! You’re now using Steam Offline Mode, which allows you to play games without an internet connection. Remember that many Steam functions will be disabled, so don’t be shocked if you go to places like the shop or your profile and see the message “Steam is now in Offline Mode.”

When you’re ready to go online again, go to Steam > Go Online. Although you may remain in Offline Mode forever, you should log in on a regular basis to get game updates, sync your accomplishments, and download new games.

How to Launch a Steam Game in Offline Mode

You don’t need to do anything unusual to start your games after you’ve activated Steam’s Offline Mode. Simply choose one from your collection, press Play, and you’re ready to go.

Offline Mode will not operate with any game that needs an active internet connection or utilizes an external launcher. There is no way to get around this.

How to Troubleshoot Issues With Steam Offline Mode

Hopefully, your experience with Steam Offline Mode is trouble-free, although you may sometimes run into troubles. The most typical problem is that when you attempt to launch a game, you get the message “This game cannot be launched in Offline Mode.” This is most likely because you did not completely update or run the game before activating Offline Mode. Most games need you to connect to the Steam network before you can play them offline.

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If Offline Mode does not function properly, it is possible that Steam was not properly closed the last time you shut down your computer. This may result in the loss of data required for Steam’s Offline Mode to function. To avoid this, make sure Steam is completely closed before shutting down. Do not force-quit Steam; instead, right-click the Steam icon on your taskbar and choose Exit.

Alternatively, your firewall may interact with the Steam client, causing Offline Mode difficulties. Many of the ideas in our tutorial on how to solve when you can’t sign in to Steam apply here.

Finally, your computer may believe you have an internet connection even if you don’t, which confuses Steam. To enter Settings on Windows, use Windows key + I and go to Network & Internet > Change adapter parameters. Right-click your connection and choose Disable.

While we’ve already discussed Steam’s Offline Mode, what if you merely want to utilize Steam while seeming offline to your friends? This is useful if you just want to play a game without being interrupted by pals.

How to Appear Offline on Steam

In such scenario, choose Friends from the top toolbar. There are many status possibilities available here. Invisible and Offline are the applicable options.

Invisible lets you look offline to everyone, but you can still view and send messages to your pals. Offline, on the other hand, completely disconnects you from the Steam community.

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These statuses have no effect on the social aspect of Steam. Regardless of the option you choose, you may still play online, download games, and get updates, among other things. Simply simply, you keep your connection to the Steam network active.

Return to the Friends menu and choose Online when finished (or Away, if you wish to appear inactive, which is what your Steam status changes to automatically after a period of time).

You may play your games regardless of your location thanks to Steam Offline Mode. In the middle of nowhere? Traveling via plane? Are you experiencing an internet outage? It makes no difference—as long as you’ve prepared everything, you can enjoy your whole Steam collection.

Play Your Steam Games Wherever You Are

One of the numerous benefits of purchasing games on Steam is the addition of Offline Mode. It’s the de facto PC game marketplace for a reason, and features like Offline Mode demonstrate why.

The inclusion of Offline Mode is one of the many reasons why buying games on Steam is great. It’s the de facto PC games marketplace for a reason, and features like Offline Mode make it clear to see why.

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