How to Play Fall Guys Across Multiple Platforms

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How to Play Fall Guys Across Multiple Platforms
How to Play Fall Guys Across Multiple Platforms

Cross-platform play is an excellent feature for all sorts of video games. Whether you play on PC or consoles, the functionality reduces the barriers to playing and socializing with others on systems you may not even own.

Allowing you to compete with additional participants from numerous platforms in Fall Guys, a popular game show-based battle royal, just adds to the chaotic pleasure.

Fall Guys provides alternatives for you, whether it’s locating a certain buddy or enabling and disabling cross-play.

Which Platforms Support Fall Guys Cross-Play?

If you’re wondering which platforms allow cross-play on Fall Guys, every version of the game is.

This implies that gamers on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S may all play together.

You can play with anybody who has Fall Guys if you possess at least one of these platforms.

How to Set Up Cross-Play for Fall Guys

Fall Guys bases your gaming experience on cross-play from the start, with the option activated upon installation as long as you have connected your Epic Games account. As soon as you open up the game for the first time, Fall Guys will urge you to connect your Fall Guys account to the Epic Games shop.

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While this feature is important for facilitating online matching across various platforms, it was only enabled after Epic acquired Fall Guys creator Mediatonic and might be seen as a method to coerce users to obtain an Epic Games account.

If you don’t mind creating/syncing your Epic Games Account, you can hop right into a game and be matching with people from any supported platform.

Players in your game will be assigned a symbol to indicate whatever platform they are presently playing on, such as a monitor and mouse for PC or an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

If you wish to entirely stop cross-play and avoid competing with players from other platforms, go to the Main Menu and enter:

. When you deactivate Cross-Platform Matchmaking, you will only search for other players on your current console.

  • Select Settings (the cog symbol) > Options > Gameplay from the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Cross-Platform Matchmaking from the Gameplay menu.
  • Turn off Cross-Platform Matchmaking.
  • A notice named Crossplay Recommended should appear.
  • To disable cross-play, click OK.

To reactivate cross-platform play, just toggle Cross-Platform Matchmaking to On.

While understanding how to activate and disable cross-platform play is really important, what if you want to play with certain buddies from another platform?

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How to Play Fall Guys With Your Friends From Other Consoles

You may be interested in other cross-compatible games now that you know how to add certain pals using Fall Guys’ cross-play capabilities.

To specifically add a friend from another platform:

  • Choose the bottom-right icon for Friends (this appears as three Fall Guy faces with a plus symbol to their right regardless of platform).
  • This will bring up a menu with all of your current friends on your platform, as well as a search bar at the top of the menu.
  • Enter your friend’s platform-universal Epic Games account username into the search field (most likely whichever login to Fall Guys they use on their console or PC) and click Add Friend.
  • After you’ve added a particular buddy account, you can utilize the same Friends option at any time to highlight their account and select Invite to invite them to join your lobby and play Fall Guys with you.

If so, have a look at our in-depth look at what cross-play is for additional cross-platform games you and your friends may play, as well as more information on how cross-play works and how it can enhance your social gaming experience.

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With all of Fall Guys’ cross-play capabilities, as well as the multiple platforms the game is compatible with, you should be able to play and join games with your friends without regard to platform.

Enjoy Fall Guys Across Multiple Platforms

Cross-compatibility, in contrast to Fall Guys’ cross-play support, has received some criticism from the game industry for a number of reasons. If you depend on cross-play for your online gaming experience beyond Fall Guys, it may be worthwhile to investigate why the industry is so concerned with cross-compatibility.

Contrary to Fall Guys’ cross-play support, however, cross-compatibility has had some pushback from the gaming industry for a variety of reasons. If you rely on cross-play for your online gaming experience beyond Fall Guys, it may also be useful to explore the reasons the industry is sensitive to cross-compatibility.

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