How to Mute Someone’s Text Message Notifications on Your iPhone

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How to Mute Someone's Text Message Notifications on Your iPhone
How to Mute Someone’s Text Message Notifications on Your iPhone

If you don’t want to receive alerts from a contact in your Messages app, you may mute notifications for that contact using a built-in option.

What’s the greatest part? The contact will not be aware that you have muted them, and you will avoid a cluttered Notification Center.

So, let’s go through the methods for muting a text chat on an iPhone.

Hide Alerts in the Messages App to Mute People

Do you want to know how to turn off text messaging on your iPhone? When you mute a contact in the Messages app, you will no longer get alerts from them until you unmute them. When you open the app, you may still read their messages.

To disable text message alerts for a contact in the Messages app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Messages app and touch to choose the contact to silence.
  2. At the top of the screen, tap on the contact’s symbol.
  3. Enable the Hide Alerts toggle. A bell symbol with a slash on it indicates that a contact has been muted.
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How to Silence iPhone Messages Even Quicker

Another way to mute messages from a contact on your iPhone is as follows:

  1. Launch the Messages app and look for the person in your recent discussions list. Swipe left on the contact you wish to silence.
  2. Click the bell symbol. The similar bell ring will show next to the chat to signify that it has been muted.
  3. Tap on the bell icon. You will notice the same bell con appear next to the conversation to indicate that it has been muted.

To unmute a contact, swipe on a muted chat and hit the bell symbol again, or tap on the contact’s icon as indicated above and toggle off the Hide Alerts option.

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Before you mute a contact, you may have one question: will they know if you silence them on iMessage? No, it does not.

Your secret is secure with you, and you may safely disable SMS notifications. It’s one of the nice hints for getting the most out of the Messages app.

How to Mute All Notifications From Someone

To temporarily muffle all alerts, texts, and phone calls, go to Focus in Settings and choose Do Not Disturb. Then, if necessary, choose which contacts should get alerts.

Do you not want to receive any calls or texts from a contact? The best option is to disable them on your iPhone.

You Won’t Have to See Unwanted Text Notifications Anymore

While you may have to block contacts if you don’t wish to receive any messages or calls from them, the Hide Alerts feature in the Messages app is an easy way to ensure you don’t get any unwanted text message notifications.

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To silence a contact, just switch on the toggle for that contact or swipe and press on the bell symbol. If you wish to silence all incoming calls and text messages, put your iPhone in Focus or Do Not Disturb mode.

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