How to Modify Your PS4 Profile Image

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How to Modify Your PS4 Profile Image
How to Modify Your PS4 Profile Image

You may edit several parts of your PS4 profile, including your profile photo. You have the option of going for something personal, amusing, or unusual.

Here’s how to alter your PS4 profile picture to any image you choose.

How Do I Change and Set My PS4 Profile Picture?

Since you haven’t updated your PS4 profile before—and, if you’re reading this, you presumably haven’t—then you should be aware that you can’t do it with your real PS4. You may SET it, but you can’t alter the image.

You may alter and configure your PS4 profile photo in two ways: through computer or via phone.

Change PS4 Profile Picture With Your Computer

Here’s how to use your PC to modify your PS4 profile image.

To begin, go to the PlayStation website and sign in to your PSN account. Then, in the top-right corner, click on your PSN symbol and choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

Select Profile from the PlayStation Network menu. Then, next to Profile Picture, click the Edit button. Change Photo, choose a picture from your computer, save it, and confirm.

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You should now see your updated profile image when you use your PS4 and your PSN account. If you alter your profile photo again, you’ll be able to choose between a fresh one and your PSN avatar as your profile picture.

Change PS4 Profile Picture With Your Phone

Here’s how to use your phone to modify your PS4 profile image.

First, install the PlayStation app on your phone and sign in to your PSN account. Tap your name in the Play area, then click Edit Profile.

The procedure is now extremely similar to that of a computer. Tap the Edit button to the right of Profile Picture. Choose Change Picture, then choose a photo from your phone’s gallery, save it, and confirm it.

This changes both your PSN and PS4 profile pictures, just like on your PC, and you’ll now have the option to select your PSN profile photo as your avatar if you wish to alter your profile picture again.

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How Do I Set My PS4 Profile Picture With My PS4?

Now that you’ve changed and set your PS4 profile image using your phone and computer at least once, let’s have a look at how to do it with your PS4.

Go to Profile on your PS4, tap the ellipsis (…) next to Set Online Status, and then tap Edit Profile. This will take you to your PS4 profile settings, where you may edit items like your PS4 profile avatar.

Choose a profile picture. You may now set your PS4 profile photo to the image you uploaded using your phone or PC, or to your PSN avatar. You may alternate between the two as much as you like.

It’s disheartening to see such restricted settings on your real PS4, particularly because your system can snap some incredible in-game images. Because you cannot directly use your PS4 screenshots as your profile image, you must instead utilize the PlayStation Messaging function on the PS app.

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See if Your PS4 Needs a Revamp…

You may now update and customize your PS4 profile image! Make sure to change things up from time to time, and check your whole PS4 profile to see if it needs an update.

Though you can update your PS4 profile photo using your phone or computer, changing it with your PS4 should be a standard function. Sony should be able to shorten this process to make personalizing your PS4’s digital décor a bit simpler.

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