How to Make Your Facebook Photos Private

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How to Make Your Facebook Photos Private
How to Make Your Facebook Photos Private

There are several reasons why you should keep your Facebook images private. Aside from privacy problems, the site is rife with unscrupulous fraudsters looking to take advantage of other users.

To address this problem, Facebook provides customized options that enable you to limit access to your images or hide them from others. You may make some just visible to your friends, while others are entirely private and only visible to you.

Here’s all you need to know about making images private on Facebook.

How to Make Your Facebook Photos Private

You may adjust the privacy settings of whole albums or individual images on Facebook to make them private. Of course, the easiest method to conceal images on Facebook is the former, so we’ll start there.

How to Make Albums Private on Facebook

Rather than having to make images private one by one, you can alter the privacy of an entire album on Facebook to save time.

However, keep in mind that you can only alter the audience of your own images, not those of your friends.

To make a Facebook picture album private, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down your profile until you find the Photos button. To see your Facebook images, tap it.
  2. Next, go to Albums and locate the photographs you wish to make private.
  3. Navigate to the appropriate album, then click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Click Edit. You’ll notice a section labeled “Friends” or “Public” with a two-person image. Change the audience of your album by clicking here. You can restrict who can see the album from here. Choose Only Me if you don’t want anyone else to view this album and want to make it private.
  5. Then, using the back arrow, choose Save (desktop) or Done (mobile). This will make all images in your Facebook album invisible.
  6. To access your Facebook photographs, go to your profile, scroll down until you find the Photos option, then press it. Then, choose the picture that you wish to make private. In the upper right corner, click the three dots.
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If you don’t want to keep the images fully private and still want to share them, but with a more restricted audience, you may choose Friends, Friends except, or Specific friends as the audience choices.

To display the album solely to a group of friends on a certain list, go to Show Lists and pick the list with whom you wish to share the album.

How to Make Individual Facebook Photos Private

Individual images on Facebook may also be made private by changing their privacy settings.

Keep in mind that you can only adjust the privacy settings of certain photographs inside specified groups or albums. These are some examples:

  • Photos of you
  • Uploads
  • Profile photos
  • Cover photos
  • Timeline photos
  • Mobile photos

Photos posted in batches alongside others and as part of an album will adhere to the album’s parameters.

Follow these procedures to make a single Facebook picture private:

  1. To hide the picture from your timeline and make it private, change the privacy option to Only Me.
  2. Select Edit privacy.
  3. Your changed privacy settings will be saved immediately.
  4. Your new privacy settings will automatically save.

You may also choose different audience choices if you don’t want to fully conceal the picture and only make it less visible. However, the easiest approach to prevent the hazards of Facebook is to totally conceal your images or only share them with certain individuals by utilizing the available Specific friends option.

Who Can See My Photos on Facebook? How to Check

You may visit your public profile on Facebook to double-check the privacy of your images. This is the profile that people who aren’t friends with you can view.

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You’ll utilize Facebook’s “View As” option to do this. It is available on both the Facebook website and the Facebook app.

Go to your profile to activate this mode. To open a dropdown menu, click the three dots underneath Edit Profile, then choose View As.

This will display all prior postings that individuals who are not in your Facebook friends list or the platform may view. While in View As mode, you cannot modify the privacy settings of your Facebook images, but you may make a note of the photos and dates so you can locate them later.

When you’ve decided which photographs to make private, exit View As public mode by clicking on your thumbnail in the upper right corner of your screen or by clicking back. Alternatively, you may choose Exit View As.

Tap the hamburger menu at the top (Android) or bottom (iOS) of the screen and choose See your profile. To enter View As mode, hit the three dots next to Follow Settings and choose View As.

How to Hide Photos on Facebook From Public in the Future

The latest privacy settings you choose for a picture will be applied automatically the next time you share a photo. So, if you set a prior picture’s audience to “Only Me,” it will be the default option for the next photo you upload.

Click the audience options button to adjust the audience settings of the picture you’re going to upload. It is located underneath your name.

You may modify the post audience from here, then click Done to return to your post. When you’re ready to share the picture, click Post.

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Always double-check this button before uploading or posting anything to Facebook. You should do this just to avoid mistakenly sharing photographs or information with those who are not on the site and are not on your friends’ list.

You should also check your profile in View As mode on a frequent basis to see whether you have mistakenly shared something with the public.

Keeping a Facebook privacy and security checklist that you go through on a regular basis can assist ensure that you catch any of these photographs as soon as possible. Remember that the longer these images are published openly on social media, the more likely it is that a fraudster will get them. Although this is beneficial, you may make your Facebook account private if you want further protection.

Now You Know How to Hide Photos on Facebook

A smart cyber hygiene practice is to review your social media accounts and change the audience settings on your images to private. It will not only secure your data, but also the privacy of your loved ones who may be in the photos you submit. Always keep in mind that there are unethical hackers and fraudsters out there seeking for ways to take advantage of others.

Always remember that there are unscrupulous hackers and scammers who are looking for ways to take advantage of other people.

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