How to Make AI Art Using the Wombo Dream Mobile App

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How to Make AI Art Using the Wombo Dream Mobile App
How to Make AI Art Using the Wombo Dream Mobile App

Artificial intelligence’s capabilities are always developing, and this includes several forms of art. We’re going to show you an app that uses AI technology to help you produce digital photographs.

Dream by Wombo is accessible for both mobile and web use, although the former offers more. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to utilize this AI artwork smartphone app and what you can anticipate from it.

Why Use Dream by Wombo?

This program is ideal for creating personalized playlist art, as well as adorning books, websites, and walls without the need for a professional artist or graphic designer. It’s quick and simple.

With a simple cue, Dream by Wombo’s AI can swiftly make gorgeous photos in an artistic style of your choosing, whether you’re on your phone or PC.

The browser-based version is easy to use and includes a Mint as NFT option, as well as the ability to download or purchase a print of your AI artwork. The mobile app, on the other hand, provides you with additional capabilities.

We’ll walk you through each step of using Dream by Wombo on your smartphone or tablet. But first, make sure you have the app installed.

Download: Dream by Wombo for Android │ iOS (Free)

1. Create an Account or Get Started Without One

You do not need to join up to utilize Dream by Wombo. When you start the app, just press the Get Started button to be taken directly to the AI artwork generator. After that, you may utilize the majority of the choices.

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One advantage of registering for an account is access to a gallery where you may keep your favorite projects. An account also has access to Wombo’s social networks, such as Discord. If you decide to become a member, just sign in to the app and hit the Plus button on your profile to begin a new creative project.

2. Choose a Prompt and Art Style

This following phase provides you with several possibilities. To begin, put in a particular prompt or choose one from the app’s choices. Use a few short phrases when making a specific request. The AI attempts its best to comprehend them, although it may sometimes fall short. Fortunately, you can keep experimenting with the same mix until you find something you enjoy.

Choose an art style now. The app now offers 15 distinct choices, including:

  • Baroque
  • S. Dali
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Pastel
  • Steampunk
  • Ukiyoe

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You may alternatively choose No Style and let Dream by Wombo to develop its own aesthetic vision. In any case, just press the desired style to activate its symbol. The Create button will also illuminate. When you choose it, the AI will begin constructing your artwork.

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3. Inspect and Name Your AI Art

Almost every work Dream by Wombo does is lovely, yet it does not always live up to your expectations. This is due to the fact that you’re dealing with a computer that is attempting to represent the notion in your brain with with a few instructions—yet another reason why AI will never replace humans.

Expect each result to be abstract, and feel free to repeat the procedure with the same question and painting style. You could strike gold and obtain precisely what you desired or something much better.

Finally, you may give your artwork a name and choose whether or not to display the original question.

4. Save, Share, or Buy Your AI Artwork

Once the picture is complete, you will be presented with numerous alternatives. To download it, click the Download button and save the JPG file to your device. You may also make it your desktop backdrop.

Alternatively, press Publish and the new item will be added to your gallery. You may then interact with Wombo on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as share each artwork on whatever platform you desire.

If you need to show off your AI work quickly, there’s a Share option on the final creation page. Click it and choose where you want to email or publish it.

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Finally, you may buy a tangible copy of your artwork by clicking the Buy Print button. Depending on the print style and size, the cost per unit ranges from $20 to $100.

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While not outrageous, you can design your own poster or canvas for less. Simply download the picture before printing and framing it as desired.

Let AI Do the Creative Work for You

Despite the fault of not always achieving what you wanted, Dream by Wombo is a terrific AI tool for quickly generating eye-catching artwork. Now that you know what to expect, watch what miracles it may work for you.

There are, of course, a slew of other tools across different platforms using AI technology to help with creative projects. Whether it’s for writing, singing, photography, or other art forms, you can have a lot of fun with artificial intelligence.

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