How to Make a TikTok Sound Your iPhone Ringtone or Alarm

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How to Make a TikTok Sound Your iPhone Ringtone or Alarm
How to Make a TikTok Sound Your iPhone Ringtone or Alarm

TikTok is well-known for its capacity to make a sound go viral, which is one of the reasons for the app’s success. Not only can artists benefit from this exposure, but amateur audio editors may as well.

If you’re a TikTok user, chances are you’ve been hooked with one of these noises at some time and pondered how you might utilize it outside of the app.

Fortunately, you can use your favorite TikTok sounds as an alarm or ringtone on your iPhone, and we’ll show you how.

How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Ringtone

You can turn any TikTok sound into a ringtone using a few programs. Let’s get right into it…

Step 1. Find and Download the TikTok Sound You Want to Use

To save a TikTok sound to your iPhone, use the TikTok app and go to the video containing the sound you wish to utilize. Tap the Share option and then Save Video to save the video to your camera roll.

Before downloading, make sure there is no extra, unwanted audio from the author or that you are not downloading a remix of the audio. If the creator has turned off downloads, there are methods to preserve TikToks outside of the app, although screen recording is the quickest:

This way, you can save all of your favorite audios and have rapid access to them in the future.

  1. Tap the audio icon, represented by a spinning vinyl symbol, in the bottom right of the TikTok video. You’ll be sent to a page with the sound at the top and all of the videos that utilize that sound underneath it.
  2. Swipe up or down from the Control Center, depending on your iPhone model, to open the screen recorder. To begin screen recording, click the circled button. If you need a reminder on how to utilize the iPhone’s screen recording capability, go here.
  3. Hide the Control Center, then touch on the TikTok audio icon to play it. Do it fast to avoid having no audio for the opening few seconds of the video.
  4. When you reach the conclusion of the audio, stop the screen recording, and the movie will be saved to your camera roll.

Another good tip is to “favorite” the sounds you like:

  1. Locate and activate the audio by touching the spinning vinyl symbol.
  2. Tick Add to Favorites.
  3. Go to your profile, press the flag symbol in the top panel, and then pick Sounds to access your favorite audios.

Tired of the TikTok sound selection? Here’s how to build your own TikTok sound.

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On the iPhone, there are two ways to convert a video to audio: file converter applications and file converter websites.

Step 2. Convert the Video to Audio

If you want to download a file converter program, follow these steps:

Have another video with audio that you’d want to extract and use elsewhere? On all systems, here’s how to extract audio from video.

  1. Install and run the MediaConvert program.
  2. At the top, tap the plus (+) icon and choose Import From Photos Library.
  3. Tap Done after selecting the video or screen recording you just saved. Locate the video in the MediaConvert collection and press the ringed I next to it.
  4. You will be sent to an export screen. You may edit the movie here (we suggest taking out the TikTok logo at the end), change the volume, and choose your exporting choices.
  5. Select Extract Audio.
  6. Select MP3 as the Format. The remainder may be left alone.
  7. At the top, tap the Share button. An “Extract Audio” dialog box will appear, allowing you to rename your audio.
  8. Click OK. The converted audio file will be saved to the MediaConvert library.
  9. Navigate to the Online Converter website. Keep in mind that we’re doing this using the Safari mobile browser.

If you don’t want to download an app:

  1. Go to File > Photo Library.
  2. Choose the video or screen recording that you just saved.
  3. Enable Audio quality adjustment by checking the Options box and selecting the desired quality.
  4. Select Convert. You will be sent to a new window.
  5. Tap and hold Download Now, then choose Download Linked File. The audio file will be saved to your browser’s downloads folder.
  6. Alternatively, touch Download Now once and then pick Download from the popup menu. You may be routed to an advertisement as a result of this.
  7. Look in the MediaConvert library for the converted audio file.

It’s critical to import the TikTok sound into the Files app on your iPhone since you can only transfer it to GarageBand via Files in the next stages.

Step 3. Save the Audio to the Files App on Your iPhone

If you previously used Online Converter in your browser:

If you’ve used the MediaConvert app in the previous step:

  1. From the popup menu, choose Save to Files.
  2. Tap the i next to it.
  3. Select Send/Open In.
  4. Select the folder to which you want to store it and press Save.
  5. Navigate to your browser’s Downloads folder (arrow icon in the browser panel).
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Because Online Converter labels the file automatically, you may wish to find it in the Files app and rename it before proceeding.

  1. Open the newly downloaded audio file and hit the share button.
  2. From the popup menu, choose Save to Files.
  3. Select the folder to which you want to store it and press Save.
  4. To start a new project, click the plus (+) symbol in the upper right corner.

Launch the GarageBand app after downloading it. Then take the following steps:

Step 4. Import the Audio to GarageBand

The iPhone has a ringtone length of 40 seconds, so unless your music is longer, you’ll have to loop it. Skip this step if it’s already lengthy enough.

  1. Navigate to Audio Recorder and launch it. Tap the tracks icon in the upper left corner of the Audio Recorder window (looks like a stack of bricks).
  2. Tap the loops symbol in the Tracks window’s upper right corner (looks like a swirled line). You’ll be taken to a library.
  3. Make sure you’re on the Files tab at the top, then launch the Files app from the bottom.
  4. Wait for the audio you saved to your files to appear in the library before selecting it.
  5. Hold down on the file, wait for the Tracks panel to return, then drag the file to the beginning of the timeline in the first track.
  6. While you’re at it, press the triangle symbol to switch off the metronome. Tap the little addition (+) symbol to the right of the time bar in the Tracks box. The number next to Manual determines the amount of bars in the track. 8 bars are about 16 seconds long. After around 40 seconds of configuring your bars, click Done.
  7. Tap the audio clip once to bring up a popup, then choose Copy.
  8. Tap on the empty area adjacent to the clip on the same track and choose Paste from the popup menu.

Step 5. Loop the Audio

You may now use your TikTok sound as a ringtone. Take the following steps:

  1. Hold down the copied duplicate clip and move it close to the original clip. Repeat until all of your bars are filled.
  2. Select Section A.
  3. When finished, play the audio to confirm your satisfaction, then hit the downward arrow at the upper left and pick My Songs. This adds the looping audio to the GarageBand library.
  4. From the GarageBand home screen, find and hold down on the project you just saved.
  5. Go to Share, then Ringtone.
  6. Give the ringtone a name if you choose, then click Export.
  7. Select Use sound as and then Standard Ringtone from the prompt box (you can also assign the ringtone to a specific contact from this popup).
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Step 6. Export the Looped Audio and Set It as Your Ringtone

If you want to double-check that your ringtone was successfully changed, or if you want to change it back, go to iPhone Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, and your new audio should be at the top.

  1. Either click the plus (+) sign in the top right to create a new alarm, or click Edit in the top left to select an existing alarm.
  2. Select Sound from the alarm options.
  3. Choose the audio that you just added to ringtones.
  4. In the prompt popup, select Use sound as and then Standard Ringtone (you can also assign the ringtone to a specific contact from this popup).

Do you want to try your hand at creating your own song? Here’s how to use GarageBand to create a personalized ringtone.

To utilize the TikTok sound as your alarm, repeat all of the previous steps until the music is stored in your ringtone sounds. Then, proceed as follows:

How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm

We understand that there seem to be a lot of stages, but it becomes simpler and quicker the more you do it. Now go discover and download your favorite TikTok sounds, then follow this tutorial to create a fun ringtone or alarm.

  1. Open the iPhone Clock app.
  2. Either hit the plus (+) sign at the top right to create a new alarm, or select Edit at the top left and choose an already-existing alarm.
  3. In the alarm settings, open Sound.
  4. Select the audio you have just added to ringtones.
  5. Hit Back, and then Save.

Turn Your Favorite TikTok Sounds Into Your Alarm or Ringtone on iPhone

We know it seems like a lot of steps, but it gets easier and faster the more you do it. Now go find and save your favorite sounds from TikTok, follow this guide, and give yourself a fun ringtone or alarm.

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